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Fastest way to connect
with your residents: SMS

Most of the text messages
are opened in
3 minutes.

Easy, affordable mass messaging service for condo associations.

Why is Mass Messaging the #1 HOA Communication Tool?
We provide what emails can't for your HOA

Mass text messaging;

  • has a 98% open rate (emails have 20%)

  • opened in 3 minutes (emails in 6 hours)

  • does not require the internet (emails do)

How is HOAs Can Use Mass Text Messaging?

We work with many condo associations like you. Here are some great use cases of mass text messaging for HOAs:

  • Notify dwellers instantly in emergencies like missing pets, fires, floods, etc. 🚨

  • Warn residents about upcoming conditions like water cuts, power cuts, elevator maintenance, disinfestation, etc. 👨‍🔧

  • Remind dwellers about events, meetings, payments, garbage collection days, election days, etc. 📆

  • Deliver daily announcements 📢

  • Send HOA policies 

  • Share HOA website / social media account links 

  • Schedule messages ahead of time⌛️

  • Send warm welcome messages to new residents 🤍

Warnings 👨‍🔧

Emergency notifications

Emergency: Searching for a missing dog named Dexter. Last seen in an around {address}. If you see him, please contact us on {number}.

SMS marketing for churches

Attention: There will be a water outage on Feb 17 between 12-2 pm due to maintenance. Apartments to be affected: {address}. Sorry for the inconvenience.

SMS marketing for churches
SMS marketing for churches

Member Testimonials

Start texting your HOA community today with Pony Express HQ!

SMS marketing for churches

It's so easy to use and our team loves it! We love that you can opt in to text message group by just one keyword by a simple number. We absolutely love this product.

The dashboard is nice and easy to use and it's so easy to send out a mass text.

Noah F., Next Gen Pastor

Murphysboro, IL



Learn details at the mass texting platform page.

SMS marketing prices
100 bonus text credits to start 🎉

Improve communication in your HOA with Pony Express HQ's
mass messaging service.

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