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3 text messages you need to send customers via business texting services

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Text marketing | 3 text messages you need to send customers via business texting services
Text marketing | 3 text messages you need to send customers via business texting services

61% of marketers still haven't discovered the power of sms marketing. But the number of small business owners asking, “Can I text message my customers?” is increasing day by day. The answer is: Yes, you can. In fact, you should send text messages to your customers! 🌟

There are various types of text messages to send customers, but you should find the appropriate one for your business. To make your job easier, we prepared 3 text message types to send customers via business texting services. 🚀

3 ways to send text messages to send customers:

Let’s dive into the details of these three text message types together!

1. Promotional text messages 🛍

Promotional text messages are one of the most known text message types used by any size of business. But actually, text marketing is pretty advantageous for small businesses. It supports small businesses’ digital presence by delivering promotions/offers/discounts/campaigns directly to customers’ mobiles.

Besides, mass text messages are still useful to businesses that don’t have a substantial digital presence. More clearly, if you run your businesses through only stores and don’t have a website or social media accounts, business texting services can help you stay connected with customers.

Promotional text message examples:

Hi, Steven! 🙌 Are you ready for summer? Benefit from 20% SALE on new season products: website link - Text STOP to opt out.

Flying Elephant: Looking for Halloween gifts? Discover the most original gifts: website link - Text STOP to opt out.

Pony Express HQ offers you the most affordable and easy-to-use business texting service. Check out our SMS marketing pricing if you want to send promotional text messages.

2. Informational text messages ℹ️

Customers love to be informed in each step of their shopping process: sign up, successful payment, shipping, or delivery. Sending this necessary information as a text message can create a sense of trust in your customers, which can improve your customer relations. In addition, sending informational text messages helps you organize and follow your sales processes.

You can send different informational text messages through business texting services according to your business type. For example, you can send reservation reminders and order tracking text messages if you run a restaurant business. If you have an e-commerce business, you can inform customers about their successful sign-up, payment, and shipping tracking. Or, if you have a bookstore, you can send informational text messages about book signings and new book releases.

Moreover, you can ask customers about which topics they would like to receive mass text messages from you. For this, you can create an online survey in Google Forms and send the survey link to customers via business texting services.

Informational text message examples:

Hi Ted, you have a dinner reservation for 2 people on June 13, at 7 pm. Looking forward to hosting you. ☺ - Reply CANCEL to cancel the reservation.

Upcoming author meet and greet: Maud Ankaoua, June 13, between 3-4 pm. Reply YES to register. Neil’s Bookstore 📚”

3. Emotional text messages 🎂

You boosted your sales via promotional text messages and gained customers’ trust via informational text messages. Now, you should sustain your success in business by sending emotional text messages via business texting services. Emotional text messages increase customers’ loyalty to your brand. But what do we mean by emotional text message?

Emotional text messages are sent to celebrate customers’ special days to make them feel valued. To create an emotional bond with customers, you can use sincere language and humor in these kinds of text messages.

Emotional text message examples:

Happy Birthday, Micheal! 🥳Your gift is waiting for you in Neil’s Bookstore. Show this message to get it. 🤍

Hey Marta 🙌 We wish you a joyous Easter, don’t eat all eggs alone 😛🤍- Your favorite local bakery

In this article, we explained 3 types of text messages you need to send customers via business texting services. To wrap up, you should send promotional, informational, and emotional text messages to succeed in business. These were the main and indispensable text message types. Of course, you can send more different types of text messages according to the needs of your business and customers. For example, you can enrich the content of your message with images, GIFs, and audio via MMS campaigns.

▫️Discover more: Difference between SMS and MMS

The important thing is choosing a proper business texting service like Pony Express HQ! 💛 If you want to try our business texting service, Pony Express HQ offers a 100 text messages credit bonus. All you need to do is sign up free: 100 free text message credits.

Happy texting 🤍 📲

Pony Express HQ Team

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