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How to Opt-Out from Text Message Campaigns 💬

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

How to Opt-Out from Text Message Campaigns
How to Opt-Out from Text Message Campaigns

At Pony Express HQ, we want people to have a great experience receiving and sending online text messages with businesses and communities. Your customers and community members can stop and restart text messages at any time using specific keywords.

Text messaging is the best way to reach out to your community members. People don't respond to phone calls and don't read the emails anymore. However, if you want to stop these messages, type STOP, you remove yourself permanently from that text campaign.

How to Opt-Out from Text Messages

⛔️ How can people unsubscribe from my text messages?

People can respond directly to your text with STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT.

When people receive their first message, they will receive the instructions to text 'STOP' at any time to unsubscribe.

Keep in mind, only single words work! 'STOP' works, but 'STOP MESSAGES' does not.

✅ How can customers and/or members resubscribe for text messages?

People can text START, YES, and UNSTOP to start receiving text messages again.

When someone unsubscribes, they are given an automatic message confirming the opt-out and are given instructions to text 'START' to unsubscribe to the phone number.

🤷 Why is it important to allow people to opt-out?

Allow your customers and members to control how they'd like to hear from you. Furthermore, it's the law! Companies and organizations must stay compliant with carrier requirements, industry standards, and applicable law.

Learn TCPA Compliance Checklist Guidance for Text Marketing

🚩 How can I tell if someone has unsubscribed to my text messages?

There are a few places in the Pony Express HQ dashboard where you can see when someone has opted-out: in your contact list, on someone's individual contact details, and in the 1-on-1 conversation with a person.

Contacts menu:

Pony Express dashboard

Contact details:

Pony Express dashboard


Pony Express dashboard

But how do you build up your mobile text message marketing subscriber list? 🤔

Here are a few different tactics in this blog post; learn more about the top 3 ways how to collect SMS text message opt-ins;

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Happy texting 👋

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