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Engage with your customers on National Love Your Pet Day with SMS marketing!

Updated: Jun 3

National Love Your Pet Day is almost here! Dear veterinarians and pet hotel owners, are you ready for National Love Your Pet Day 2022? You should use this chance to engage with your customers better. But how and why? We will explain how to engage your customers but first, let’s talk about what National Love Your Pet Day means to understand its importance!

What is the National Love Your Pet Day?

National Love Your Pet Day is celebrated on February 20th to give more attention to our pets. Although pet owners always love their pets, sparing a special day for their pets is necessary to make them feel loved. Also, pet owners can meet their pets’ needs such as missing vaccines, extra cleaning, more grooming, and over-hugging on the National Love Your Pet Day.

We summarized the importance of National Love Your Pet Day for pet owners; now, let’s dive into the details of how pet vets or pet hotel owners can use this day to engage with customers!

Engage with Your Customers on National Love Your PET Day with SMS Marketing!
Engage with Your Customers on National Love Your Pet Day with SMS Marketing!

How Can Pet Vets and Pet Hotels Engage with Customers?

Engaging with customers is all about communication. The easiest and most accurate way of this communication is SMS marketing because people tend to check their text messages frequently. Sms marketing is an exclusive and indispensable marketing strategy used to engage customers and increase sales by various sectors. So, SMS marketing is an excellent opportunity for pet vets and pet hotel owners to engage with their customers on National Love Your Pet Day!

If you agree to use SMS marketing to engage your customers, it is time to make a move. In the next part, we compiled some text marketing ideas to engage your customers on National Love Your Pet Day.

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3 Text Message Marketing Ideas for National Love Your Pet Day

1. Inform Your Customers

Many pet owners do not know about the National Love Your Pet Day 2022, so you can start by informing them about this special day. You can use text message marketing to tell them:

  • When the National Love Your Pet Day is,

  • Why it is essential,

  • How they can celebrate it.

2. Deliver Your Special Offers

Let’s suppose you have a pet hotel. After you inform your customers about National Love Your Pet Day, you may offer them to celebrate it at your hotels. For example, in the first step, you told them to give extra fun to their pets. In this step, you can add “join our roll-in mud day on Love Your Pet Day.” In this way, you can involve your business in their fun smoothly.

3. Celebrate their National Love Your Pet Day

Of course, delivering your special offers is essential to engage your customers, but you should touch emotions for long-term customer engagement. So, do not forget to add your celebrations while using SMS marketing and make your customers smile. If your text marketing message covering the first two steps is too long, you can simply celebrate it separately. You don’t have to send only one message. It is all about your content and structure. However, balance is still important, and you should avoid overwhelming your customers with hundreds of text marketing messages.

How to Use SMS Marketing

If you create your SMS Marketing Strategy, you can take it a step further. To use SMS marketing, you can start by examining the affordable prices of Pony Express HQ:

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This article explained how to improve customer engagement for pet vet and pet hotel sectors. Having a pet-related job seems fun, but also it must be difficult. So, you should benefit from the ease of text marketing to enhance your value in the sector. Good luck!

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