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Trick or Treat: Halloween Text Marketing ☠️

Halloween🦇 is right around the corner; let your customers and community members know that you're thinking of them by sending awesome designed Halloween MMS/images in your text messages. There's no better opportunity for text marketing. Text messages perform nearly 5x better than emails! That’s also another important reason why business owners prefer to use text marketing.

Pony Express HQ created a series of new pre-designed Halloween MMS/images free for all of our customers. There is no better way to customize your text message campaign with our special MMS/images this Halloween season and your Halloween text marketing.

How do I access these MMS/picture templates?

When creating a group message, select "MMS/Picture message" and then click on "Use Image Gallery." Choose any images to send your subscribers.

It’s perfectly optimized for mobile. Text marketing also doesn’t require customers to be in front of a computer to engage with business owners, meaning that you can reach and engage with them wherever customers are.

Build your brand and loyal customer base by keeping them engaged with the latest deals, news, and events about your stores. Texting is the easiest and fastest way to spread the world. SMS - text messages have a 98% open rate, and messages are read in 3 seconds or less! ✨

Are you curious about text message marketing and looking for an affordable, intuitive platform with no training required? Then give Pony Express HQ a try! Our users rate it 5 stars. Start with a no-risk, no credit card required, no setup fee, or no commitment. 💬

Happy Halloween 👻

The Pony Express HQ Team