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Anti spam policy Pony Express HQ

SMS Marketing Platform No Reply All

Pony Express HQ is fully committed to SMS, MMS, and mobile messaging spam prevention. Pony Express HQ imposes a zero-tolerance policy. 

If you have any questions or concerns or want to report an abuse of platform, unsolicited message, reach out to A thorough investigation will be issued right away and communicated back to the reporter in an anonymous way.

Pony Express HQ group messaging platform only allows opt-in group membership. It ensures that group members easily opt-out by sending STOP and only receive a message when they opted-in.



Clients of Pony Express HQ agree to our Terms and Conditions when they register. Pony Express HQ might track information on sent messages, including phone numbers and content. Any violations of Pony Express HQ's Anti-spam policy will result in termination of the services for the client. Termination of services will extend to any associated existing and future services as well. 


Pony Express HQ complies with all US state and national laws and regulations.


Stop - Opt Out - Unsubscribe phone number


As a user, you can remove yourself from a group at any time by simply sending STOP. If you suspect, a client is sending an unsolicited message, please inform us immediately and Pony Express HQ will start an investigation right away. 

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