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Twilio - Send SMS to Multiple Numbers

Are you a Twilio user looking to send SMS messages to multiple numbers without the hassle of coding? Your search ends here with Pony Express!

This is a mass text messaging platform for customer outreach, appointment reminders, and mobile marketing for Twilio users.

Twilio SMS Integration

Connect Your Twilio Account with 
Pony Express HQ's bulk SMS dashboard to se
nd messages to multiple numbers easily.
(No Coding Required)

Connect your Twilio Account with Pony Express HQ

·Loved by non-technical teams

·All the benefits of the Pony Express HQ dashboard

· To keep your Twilio phone number

· Continued messaging rates through Twilio

· Live chat support or email

· Contact us if you have more contact to send bulk SMS

The Pony Express HQ Dashboard Makes
Sending SMS to Multiple Numbers Very Easy for Twilio Users
schedule SMS marketing messages

Save Time, Think Ahead

Schedule mass text messages to be sent in advance.

send online bulk sms marketing with emojis

Express Yourself

Bring your mass messages to life with emojis and images.

Forward all responses to your personal number in SMS marketing

Forward all responses to your personal email address and phone number.

Don't Miss A Text

bulk import and send SMS marketing messages | Pony Express HQ

Bulk Import Contacts Without Stress

Upload via .CSV file

Send online group SMS messages | Pony Express HQ

Stay Organized When Chatting With 100’s of People

View and respond to all of your 1-on-1 conversations easily.

send MMS group text messages | Pony Express HQ

Look Good Without Trying

Seasonal, pre-designed MMS marketing - images to promote your campaign.

Rest Assured with Pony Express HQ
Secure payment in SMS marketing

Secure Payments

Keep your data secure with Stripe, a 3rd party payment gateway.

Satisfaction Gauranteed in our SMS marketing platform

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Text happily. We'll find solutions to any concerns.

Responsive Customer Support for your text marketing process

Contact us via email and chat, 7 days a week.

Responsive Support

1 cent per SMS marketing messages | Send and receive online sms messages

Looking for Deals on Prepaid Plans?

Don't get locked in monthly or annual contracts. Pony Express offers prepaid packages to meet your needs.

SMS marketing for Non-Profit organization via Pony Express

Are You A Non-Profit?

Pony Express is proud to partner with non-profit groups to provide them with a special promo as a thank you.

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