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Choosing A Local Phone Number vs. Toll-Free Phone Number. Which One is Right For You?

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

At Pony Express HQ, we want people to have a great experience when sending and receiving text messages with businesses and communities.

When you sign up with Pony Express HQ, you have two options when selecting a phone number:

  1. A local phone number — you can choose your desired area code ###-555–5555.

  2. A toll-free phone number — starts with 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844.

What’s the difference between a local phone number vs. a toll-free phone number?

Depending on your needs, audience size, and marketing strategy, you may prefer one over the other.

Choosing A Local vs. Toll-Free Phone Number. Which One is Right For You? | Pony Express HQ

Local phone numbers are great if:

  • You like to send MMS /image — text messages with pictures. The image will be sent as a link. Most modern smartphones show a preview of the image link. Click to learn more.

  • You want to retain your local area code as a connection to your business and customers in the area

  • You are working under a budget — all Pony Express HQ accounts come with one free local phone number (unlike competitors, who charge a recurring monthly fee)

  • One local phone number has a limitation for 100 unique recipients.

Toll-Free phone numbers are great if:

  • You have thousands of people on your subscriber list

  • You need to send messages quickly — up to 3 messages per second

  • Good for marketing, business outreach purposes content

  • You send send MMS/image messages, but the image will be sent as a link.

You told us, we listened! We launched toll-free numbers when Pony Express HQ riders said they needed to reach larger audiences without getting blocked by carriers.

Other considerations:

Telephone carriers typically limit the number of text messages sent from one local phone number per day to about 100 recipients. How do I reach more people, but still retain a local area code?

  • Purchase additional local phone numbers for a low monthly fee. Pony Express HQ automatically assigns a subscriber to one of your numbers so people won’t get confused. Many of our local businesses do this when their subscriber lists grow past 200 but stay under 1,000.

Can I switch from a local phone number to a toll-free phone number at any time? Or vice versa?

  • Yes, it’s easy to switch from one to the other in the Pony Express HQ dashboard as your marketing needs change. Keep in mind that once you make the switch, your former phone number will go back into the pool of available numbers.

Are there any limits to how many people I can reach with a toll-free number?

  • No! A toll-free number is a popular option for people who have mobile subscriber lists of 1,000+.

Do I still have the same pricing and dashboard features with either option?

How to sign-up for a toll-free phone number

Log-in Pony Express HQ, to make the switch from local phone number to toll-free.

Sign-up for a free trial of Pony Express HQ to activate your SMS text message marketing. We hope this guide was helpful! Leave us a comment with any questions.

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Happy texting!

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