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SMS Text Marketing - The top 3 ways how to collect SMS opt-ins

Updated: May 9, 2019

SMS text messaging is a great way to engage people - text messages get read quickly and people respond fast; which is not surprising when you realize that 6 billion text messages 💬 are sent per day in the US alone.

But how do you build up your mobile text marketing subscriber list? 🤔 Here are few different tactics. Continue reading to learn more;

SMS Text Message Marketing | Pony Express HQ

Top 3 ways how to collect opt-ins for SMS text message marketing:

  1. Have your customers text you - list your Pony Express HQ phone number publicly & your keyword and have them send a text to you to opt-in

  2. Install the Pony Express HQ web widget on your website. ℹ️ Add Pony Express HQ web widget to your website; it is an embeddable form, so people can opt-in your group automatically. In this way, you can grow your community and reach out to more people.

  3. Go old school; ask and collect phone numbers in store with a pen and paper from your customers. 📝 Make sure you are clear that you will messaging them

When messaging potential subscribers, be sure to: 💡

  • Remind them who you are! Especially with your first text message to anyone. (If this is your first contact or if they didn’t save your number)

  • Clearly explain the incentive for opting in 🗣

  • Define the frequency at which you will contact them 📲

  • Be respectful. ✅ This is their personal phone number. Treat this privilege with care

Here are a few of examples of how you can text customers to get their permission to opt-in:

- “Join the club! 🙌 Text YES to ### sign up for the Pizza 🍕 Pony Express HQ mobile text messaging 💬 list for weekly promos on delicious pies.”

- “Respond VIP to ### join the mobile text club of the Wild West Cinema and Theater. 🎬 As a VIP member, you’ll get early access 🎟 to shows and events. You'll also receive occasional text messages about the latest premieres and debuts.”

- “This is Bill’s Saloon. 👨🏻 Text DAILY to ### get daily updates or WEEKLY to get weekly updates on our events and happenings.”💬

There's huge potential for SMS text mesage marketing. In a survey, only 54% of people said they opted-in to receive SMS text messages from a brand. Of those people, 91% of users said they found the text messages to be useful.

Do you also want to know what are the 6 reasons why people opt-in to receive SMS text messages. See the details in our previous blog post and learn more deeper about why people opt-in to receive SMS text messages;

Learn The Top 6 Reasons People Opt-in to Branded Text Messages

📍Don’t forget to allow customers a way to opt-out of mobile text messaging at any time - it’s the law. 🙅‍

No worries though; Pony Express HQ helps you be compliant - when you text from the dashboard, the first message you send to people automatically includes instructions on how to unsubscribe by texting “STOP”.

🚫For more details about how to opt-out from text message campaigns

🌟 Learn also how to be TCPA and CTIA Compliant when text message marketing

Ready to start texting?

now and get 100 free text message credits.🎉

Happy texting!✨

Pony Express HQ 🐎

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Pony Express HQ has a zero-tolerance policy for text messaging spam and reserve the right to immediately cancel the account for any user that does so. Don't be that person. 🙅‍

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