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Customer Engagement for SMBs.

An integrated, cross-channel

marketing platform

The Pony Express HQ Dashboard is designed to send smarter messages 


Take a tour of the dashboard and some cool features below. 

Meet The Pony Express HQ
AI Platform

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Intake Data from
3rd Party Sources

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Leverage The Power of AI to Analyze and Supercharge Your Data

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Deliver Insights

Where They Matter

Smarter Marketing
with Artificial Intelligence

Announcing the Pony Express AI Suite.

Using our proprietary algorithms, we analyze each user’s digital body language to optimize the best time, channel and frequency to engage them for fully automated goal-driven marketing.

Cross Posting to Facebook and Twitter for text marketing

An integrated, cross-channel
text marketing platform

The Pony Express HQ Dashboard is designed to send smarter messages 


Take a tour of the dashboard and some cool features below. 

Smart Customer Engagement

better customer engagement with text marketing

Smart Timing

Automatically determine the best time for customer engagement and conversion gleaned through your users’ behavioral and event and automatically send your text marketing messages when your customer is most active and likely to engage.

Don’t just send messages based on timezone – send them based on activity.

text marketing optimization

​Channel Optimization

Identify and designate the specific digital messaging channels your customers are most likely to engage and convert with.

automatic text marketing messages

Smart, Automatic Message Series

Don’t just bet on bulk SMS campaigns to drive engagement. Automated messages for Welcome Messages, Active Campaigns, Follow-ups & more automatically use industry best practices to create more engagement.

collec phone numbers via free web widget with Pony Express

Frequency Optimization

Using real-time interaction data, cap channel-by-channel messaging loads and safely send campaigns without risking channel fatigue.

warm text marketing messages

Warmer Welcomes

Activate consumer attention and interest with stand-out content that makes an impactful first impression.

Get new customers acquainted with your products and services with personalized welcome, trial and onboarding text marketing campaigns.

customer journey in text marketing

Design Customer Journey

Visualize the entire customer journey and build sophisticated, cross-channel segments and campaigns with Pony AI’s intuitive, drag-and-drop Workflow Studio.

target with text marketing

Next-Gen Nurture

Captivate customers to build rapport for the long term and strengthen their relationship with your brand.

Stay top-of-mind with targeted sales, promotions, announcements and product updates across all the channels that matter most to your audience.

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