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Stop Overpaying for
Bulk SMS

Get the best affordable bulk SMS rates and services for your business.

Simple Prepaid Bulk SMS - Text Messages
for Any Marketing Budget
  • 1¢ent per text message!

  • No monthly fees, no subscription fees 🙌

  • Simple get prepaid text credits for your business need

  • Get a free dedicated US local phone number or

  • A dedicated toll-free phone number

  • Create Unlimited keywords, groups, and contacts

  • No training, no coding, or set-up required

  • Allow recipients to respond back privately

  • Free message forwarding to your personal phone

  • Send MMS/picture messages, videos or URL links

  • Forward incoming calls ☎️

  • Cross-posting to your Facebook

  • Collect SMS opt-ins via our web-widget or keywords

  • Rollover text credits

  • No contracts, no credit card required, 100% risk-free!

  • Sign up free, start with 100 free text message credits 🎉

★ 100 Free Text Credits to Start ★

No credit card and no coding required.

Pony Express HQ Provides

Get a free US local phone number send online sms marketing messages

A FREE Dedicated
Phone Number

A Local number or toll-free number;

choose for your business need.

Customize your phone number with a local area code for SMS marketing campaigns

Local Area Codes

Customize your phone number with a local area code.

Send and receive online SMS marketing messages now via Pony Expres

Instant Use of Credits

Start sending and receiving bulk SMS online right away.

Secure payment in SMS marketing

Secure Payments

Keep your data secure with Stripe, a 3rd party payment gateway.

Satisfaction Customer Gauranteed in our SMS marketing pricing

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Text happily. We'll find solutions to any concerns.

Responsive Customer Support | online bulk sms marketing platform

Responsive Support

Contact us via email and chat, 7 days a week.

Feature Comparison Competitors
Pony Express Pricing is starting 1 cent per message

Pony Express HQ offers the most sustainable bulk SMS pricing from New York to Sacramento.

We dare you to find better bulk SMS pricing rates.

Never pay extra for additional keywords, or contacts.

How do text credits work?

Common Bulk SMS Pricing FAQ's

What is the character limit for text messages?

SMS is limited to 160 characters in the U.S. Message

credits let you exceed that limit by breaking the message into parts and reassembling it on the receiving end.
SMS = 1 credit/msg, MMS = 2 credits/msg

How many text credits do I need to start?

SMS messages are 1 credit each. So, for example, to send 1 SMS message to 200 subscribers 4 times, you would need 800 credits.


Start with the smaller packages, see if you need larger prepaid credit packages for sending higher volume campaigns or more frequent messaging.

Do credits ever expire or roll over?

No, credits don't expire. Also, yes your credits roll over.

How long does it take to set up?

Pony Express HQ doesn't require any technical knowledge to set up. Simply sign up for free, select your unique phone number, create a group, upload contacts, and start sending and receiving bulk SM from the Pony Express HQ dashboard.

Sign up for free, get 100 free text credits here.

How can I collect SMS opt-ins to my subscriber list?

In the dashboard, you can set up a keyword in the group message to collect opt-ins. 

You can also collect opt-ins with our free and specially designed web widget online form.


Example: "Text PIZZA to 555-555-5555 to join the Pony Pizza Express mobile mailing list and receive a special deal each week." More details in our blog post how to collect opt-ins for text marketing.

Which countries is your service available in?

You can send and receive group SMS marketing messages and MMS/picture images only in the U.S.

Is my data secure?

Yes! Pony Express HQ neither provides lists of phone numbers nor do we give access to our clients’ contact lists.

Can we receive replies from subscribers?

Yes! Subscribers respond to your group text messages individually. You can keep track of and respond to hundreds of individual text message conversations quickly in the Pony Express HQ dashboard.
Group texting no reply all.

Do you offer toll-free numbers?

Yes! In addition to phone numbers with local area codes, Pony Express HQ also offers toll-free numbers that start with 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844.

Get more details on how toll-free numbers work here

How can I decide to choose a local phone number or a toll-free phone number?

It depends on your needs, audience size, and marketing strategy, you may prefer one over the other. How to decide to choose a local phone number or a toll-free phone number?

How do I import hundreds/thousands of contacts quickly?

You can upload a .CSV file (export from Excel file). Get our .CSV file template.

Can subscribers easily opt-out of and resubscribe to my mobile messages?

Yes, you are required to allow opt-out anytime by law. Pony Express HQ handles default keywords stop such as "STOP" and "CANCEL" and will automatically remove subscribers from your contact list.

Find out more on how to opt-out from text messages.


Pony Express HQ is a 100% opt-in service. Pony Express HQ has a zero-tolerance policy for text messaging spam and reserve the right to immediately cancel the account for any user that does so. Don't be that person. 🙅‍

Standard message & data rates may apply. For help, text "HELP". To opt-out of any Pony Express HQ related group list, text "STOP" or contact support team;

Do you offer a discount for non-profits?

Yes indeed— send us your non-profits organizations 503(c) form, we will give 1,000 free text credits.

For non-profit promotion details, click here.

Common Pricing FAQ's
Connect your Twilio account to Pony Express

Do You Use Twilio?

Twilio users love connecting with the Pony Express HQ dashboard to make sending and receiving text messages online even easier.

No code required!

Online SMS text message marketing Platform for Non-Profits organizations

Are You A Non-Profit?

Pony Express HQ is proud to partner with non-profit groups to provide them with a special promo as a thank you.

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