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The following messaging use cases are not allowed on SMS or MMS in the United States or Canada. The below information applies to long code messaging with the rollout of the new A2P 10DLC system, in addition to short code and Toll-Free messaging. Lastly, we have also provided some suggested alternatives for conducting certain forbidden use cases.

Please note, certain types of message content may be subject to restrictions, even when your use case is not forbidden. For example, use of shared public URL shorteners is not allowed by US carriers and will result in filtering.

Forbidden message categories for SMS/MMS in the US/Canada

Forbidden message categories for SMS_MMS in the US_Canada.png

Notice: Any use cases that violate Pony Express HQ's Terms of Use are also not allowed on Pony Express HQ's platform, regardless of number/sender type or destination country.

Forbidden Message Categories for SMS and MMS in the US and Canada

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