Connect with your audience on their favorite channel - SMS. 

Increase conversation and engagement

Get the most competitive messaging rates.

Loved by non-technical teams. No contracts, fees, or coding required!

No subscription fee, no coding, no set-up fees, or no credit cards required.


increase potential supporters and voters by text messages

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Benefits of SMS Text Messaging for Your Political Campaigns

Text messages have a 98% open rate and 90% of messages are read within 3 seconds!*

Best way to reach younger voters.

Activate your most engaging channel today!

We work with many Political groups like you. Here are some great use cases:

  • Send the campaign news and election updates!🚨

  • Staff Communications 💬

  • Volunteer Coordination ☝️

  • Let your network know immediately about updates⚡️

  • Text your audience about local elections. The more involvement, the more progress you can make. 🙌

  • Send meeting notice & updates!

  • Schedule your messages ahead of time ⏱

  • Automatically respond with property information and contact details!

  • Voting Reminders ✨

Organize the event

Calling all volunteers! Please join and volunteers on a Conference Call on Sunday Nov 4th, at 2pm.

Voting Scheduler

Voting for the our party takes place tonight at the 8th St. Fire Hall from 4-9 pm. 📥

Customer Testimonials

My team and I have the control. We organize the last min notifications to all volunteers. It's so easy to respond to messages and follow the conversations.

Mike K., - Washington, DC





100 free credits to start

Purchase credits to fund your text messaging. Plain text messages (SMS) start at 1 credit and messages with images (MMS) start at 2 credits.


Our platform shows you how many credits you'll need for each message as you create it. Purchase additional credits at your convenience.



  • 1 free US phone number to start

  • As low as 1¢ per message credit

  • Unlimited groups

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Unlimited contacts

  • E-mail support


$19 /
7 days of free trial

Staring for $19/month, connect your Twilio account to the Pony Express HQ dashboard for a powerful integration of the two platforms. Cancel anytime.


Use your existing Twilio phone number to send messages. Continue paying for messaging through the Twilio platform.


  • Full access to the Pony Express HQ dashboard

  • 1000 contacts, or more

  • Integration with your Twilio account

  • Unlimited groups, keywords, and contacts

  • E-mail support

  • Learn more the details

pony express hq

Text Messaging for Political Campaigns

Text messages have a 98% open rate and 90% of messages are read within 3 seconds!*

Activate your most engaging channel today.

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Pony Express HQ has a zero-tolerance policy for text messaging spam and reserve the right to immediately cancel the account for any user that does so. Don't be that person. 🙅‍

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