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How SMS Text Message Marketing for Churches & Religious Groups is Helping Grow Their Congregation

Updated: May 9, 2019

Are you looking for a meaningful way to connect with your congregation or religious group? Texting to your community is an impactful way to spread the word, organize your community, and inspire your congregation and members.

How SMS Text Message Marketing for Churches & Religious Groups is Helping Grow Their Congregation

Connect with your community on their favorite channel - SMS text message. Increase involvement, engagement & grow your ministry. No need to download apps or even have a smartphone. SMS text message is available on any mobile phone. 📲

98% of recipients read their SMS text message, 90% within 3 minutes. More effective than sending emails. Source: Pew Research Center.

75% of all teens SMS text message, the future of your congregation, send 67 texts per day. Best way to reach teens and young adults. Source: Business Insider.

Here’s a few way churches and religious group like to use Pony Express HQ, for group texting no reply all.

  • Send reminders and alerts for scheduled services 🚨

  • Share weekly inspirational messages and passages

  • Invite members to local events 💬

  • Request support and volunteers 🙌

  • Give gratitude and send follow-ups after an event or service

Thanks to utilizing the power of SMS text messaging, churches and religious groups see higher engagement from existing members and attract new members through SMS text outreach. Organizing events and volunteers is easy when people can get notified quickly and respond promptly.

We use Pony Express HQ to send reminders to our weekly small group members. We also use text messages to coordinate monthly bake sales and fundraising efforts for the church. I love texting with my congregation and having everyone just a message away.

- Pastor K., New Orleans, LA

💒 See more details, and examples about how Churches & Religious Groups are using text marketing for helping grow their congregations

When you send a mass SMS group text message using Pony Express HQ, all responses are individual. No reply-all means that you can keep conversations flowing and personalized. ℹ️ Are you curious to try group texting no reply all for your church?

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