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Update: Send MMS Picture Messages for Holiday Greetings

Updated: 6 days ago

The holiday season is here!🎄Christmas and New Year’s ❄️ greetings are most often sent via SMS text messages and MMS/picture messages.

Did you also know 95% of people send Christmas and New Year’s greetings via SMS text messages or MMS picture messages? People sent an average of 28 SMS text greetings during Christmas and on New Year’s Eve.

How to send Holiday MMS messages?

Send your gorgeous MMS/pictures messages and SMS — Christmas text messages via Pony Express HQ! 🎉

When you create a new group text message, click the option to “Use Image Gallery” for sending MMS pictures, and don’t forget to customize the message with your text. ☃️

Also, find the detailed explanation: How to send bulk MMS messages with Pony Express?

Share the holiday spirit this season and let your customers/group members know about your exciting news, promotions, updates, last-minute deals, and well wishes.💫

Hope this update helps you improve your holiday celebration SMS marketing campaigns! 🤍

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Happy Holidays 🎄

The Pony Express HQ Team

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