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The Top 6 Reasons People Opt-in to Brands' Text Messages

Many people get offers to subscribe to email newsletters, but how many opt-in to receive offers via text message? Promote holiday sales and drive traffic to your store and website with social posts, emails, and text marketing.

Text Marketing: The Top 6 Reasons People Opt-in to Branded Text Messages
Why People Opt-in to Brands' Text Messages

It turns out; there's huge potential for text marketing. In a survey, only 54% of people said they opted-in to receive text messages from a brand. Of those people, 91% of users said they found the text messages to be useful.

Keep reading to discover the top 6 reasons why people opt-in to receive text messages. Also, make sure your business covers these reasons as well.

The Top 6 Reasons Why Consumers Opt-In to Brands’ Text Messages

  1. For coupons or deals: 77%

  2. To receive personal alerts: 50%

  3. Staying in the loop: 48%

  4. Access to meaningful content: 33%

  5. Don’t want to visit business/website/app for information: 31%

  6. Quick access to information: 29%

Now that you know why people like opt-ing into text messages, find out things to avoid.

The Top 4 Reasons Why Consumers DON'T Opt-In to Brands’ Text Messages ⚠️

  1. Find disruptive: 52%

  2. Doesn’t provide more meaningful content: 41%

  3. Don’t need quick access to information: 28%

  4. Decreases battery life: 18%


  • Customers love deals! No surprise here. If you're already advertising a promotion via e-mail, print, and social media, don't forget to share it via text message too! Sometimes even a simple text like "Did you see our email?" can increase email open-rates by 20-30%! Offers shared via text messages were 10x more likely to be redeemed than a printed coupon.

  • Customers like staying in the know. Share useful and meaningful content to ensure that customers stay opted-in to your mobile list. Every text message should have a clear message and purpose.

  • In case customers want to opt-out, you must provide a clear and simple opt-out keyword. Pony Express HQ handles this automatically for you - we include the opt-out instructions in the first text sent to every customer. Customers can respond "STOP" at any time, and the Pony Express HQ system automatically unsubscribes them from your list. Learn more.

  • Customers like quick ways to access info. If you've got an event or sale coming up, receiving the essential info via text message is convenient. Sometimes it's much easier to reference a text message than to find an email in our inbox.

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