Recently, The messaging industry is making changes to the message volumes that can be sent over an unverified Toll-Free number. This is part of the process of verifying all Toll-Free numbers and aligning sender visibility with the Short Code and 10DLC (local phone number) messaging channels.

Effective October 1, 2022, our SMS Gateway will apply a daily limit of 2,000 messages a day for messaging sent over unverified Toll-Free numbers. For more information about these daily thresholds, see What are the new Industry-wide thresholds for sending traffic over Toll-Free numbers.

Please complete the Verification process as soon as possible to avoid these daily limits. For more information, see What happens if I don't complete Verification.



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I already have Toll-Free numbers. Am I affected by this change?

If you haven't filled out the Toll-Free verification form, please download it here and complete it as soon as possible and email it to the support team. Toll-Free Verification is currently conducted via email support email. Check your email communications with Pony Express HQ, "", and we can check whether your number(s) are already verified or not.

What is Toll-Free Message Verification?

Verified Toll-Free Messaging simply means that your business and use case has been reviewed in advance of sending traffic via Toll-Free, and you have received carrier approval for messaging via Toll-Free numbers to the US/Canada.

Verification greatly reduces the risk of message filtering on Toll-Free traffic toward all major networks in the US and some in Canada, as long as you adhere to your stated use case and all applicable rules, such as Twilio's Messaging Policy.

This verification affects messaging to mobile users in the United States as well as the Fido, Rogers, Telus, and Videotron networks in Canada. 

Toll-Free Verification Process

Upon Pony Express HQ's submission of your completed Toll-Free verification request, the number(s) associated with that request will automatically move into "Pending Verification".

What is a "Pending Verification"?

Pending verification status will open up sending with less filtering applied to your traffic while the verification process is completed. Upon successful completion of the Verification request, the numbers will be moved to "Verified" and have full access to A2P sending as well as the least amount of filtering applied to the traffic.

What are the new Industry-wide thresholds for sending traffic over Toll-Free numbers?

Effective October 1, 2022, our SMS Gateway will apply the following industry-wide thresholds for messaging sent over unverified Toll-Free numbers:

  • Daily limit: 2,000 messages (resets at 12:00 am PT daily) 

  • Weekly limit: 12,000 messages (resets Sunday 12:00 am PT)

  • Monthly limit: 25,000 messages (Month refers specifically to a calendar month)

All messages, regardless of being successful or not, will count toward the daily, weekly, and monthly volumes.

All messages, regardless of being successful or not, will count toward the daily, weekly, and monthly volumes.


These limits aren't applicable when a Toll-Free number has been submitted for verification and is 'pending' or already "verified." Whether successful or unsuccessful, all messages will count toward the daily, weekly, and monthly volumes.


For example, if a customer sends 25k messages on the first of the month, the first 2k messages will be allowed to send, and the remaining 23k messages will be blocked. All 25k messages will count toward the weekly and monthly totals.

These thresholds are subject to change; we’ll let you know at least 30 days in advance before we make threshold changes.


Please complete the Verification Process as soon as possible to avoid these daily limits. Email "". Please include “Toll-Free Verification for (your business name or number)” in the email subject line.

What happens if I don't complete Verification?

On October 1, 2022, messages sent via Toll-Free numbers will be restricted to the messaging limit. If they exceed the limits, they’ll be blocked with this error code 30032. Using additional Toll-Free numbers to exceed these limits isn’t allowed and will result in the same block and error code.

What happens if it takes longer to register my Toll-Free Number than the 10/1/2022 deadline?

Once your Toll-Free numbers are submitted to Twilio, the verification process can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete. During this time, your Phone Numbers are moved to the "Pending Verification" state that removes the messaging limits while we review your submission.

How can I check if my Toll-Free Number exceeds the new sending limits?

To check your Toll-Free Number's message activity, please email ""; happy to help.

What are the benefits of going through the verification process?

  • Reduced amount of false-positive blocks

  • Faster resolution for deliverability issues

  • Increased protection for your customer’s brand


How can I request a verification?

To begin the process, download this form and complete it. Be sure to include all required information. Omitting information will result in delays in processing your verification.

Once you have completed the form, email "". Please include “Toll-Free Verification for (your business name or number)” in the ticket subject line. When submitted with the required information, the verification process can take approximately 3-6 weeks to complete after the request is submitted by Pony Express HQ. We are working diligently to minimize the number of requests that are delayed. We kindly ask for your patience as we work through the high number of requests

All of this information is required to verify traffic for your Toll-Free number. It is not necessary to include samples of every different variation in your messaging, but it is strongly recommended that your message samples are representative of the majority of the messaging you plan to send.

Please note these important details:

There are certain business use cases that are strictly forbidden for US/Canada messaging or Toll-Free messaging specifically, such as cannabis, high-risk financial services, gambling, and adult content.

The forbidden use cases are listed here:

Ineligible use cases:

High-Risk Financial Services

  • Payday loans

  • Short-term, high-interest loans

  • Auto loans

  • Mortgage loans

  • Student loans

  • Gambling

  • Sweepstakes

  • Stock alerts

  • Cryptocurrency

Get Rich Quick Schemes

  • Debt consolidation

  • Debt reduction

  • Credit repair programs

  • Deceptive work from home programs

  • Multi-level marketing

  • Debt forgiveness


Work from home programs

  • Risk investment opportunities

  • Debt collection or consolidation

Illegal Substances/ Activities

  • Cannabis

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco or vape


  • Phishing

  • Fraud or scams

  • Deceptive marketing

  • Pornography

  • Profanity or hate speech

  • Firearms

Download the Toll-Free Form






*Please note that If you’ve already verified your Toll-Free numbers, no further action is needed.

Toll-Free Message Verification for the US

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