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Best mass text messaging service

Connect with Your
Audience in Seconds
via Mass Texting

For Small Businesses & Organizations

  • Send promotional text messages to customers

  • Send updates and emergency messages
    to members instantly

  • Increase your customer/member engagement

96% of Text Messages Are Opened in 3 minutes
(While emails are opened in 6 h 24 m)

How Do Our Customers Use
Mass Text Messaging?

We work with many small businesses/organizations like yours.

Here are some great use cases of mass text messaging for you:

Small & Medium Size Businesses

  • Highlight new products and get people excited about what's in your store.
  • Blast the latest promos and deals.
  • Share shipping details.
  • Celebrate customers' special days and holidays.
  • Send your open hours for the holidays.
  • Collect customer feedback to improve your service.
And enjoy the increased sales and customer engagement.
“Exclusive early access to new seasonal sneakers! Since you’re our loyal customer, we’ll share the VIP link to our brand-new must-have sneakers. Visit now:
- Pony Sports
- Reply STOP to opt out.”
Happy birthday Joey! You got a 15% birthday discount for your next purchase! 🍕🍕🍕- Sun Pizza
- Reply STOP to opt out.”
Hi Linda, there will be a shelter visit on MAY 6. Register for on: Please forward this message to those who may be interested.
- Reply STOP to opt out.”
Attention: Today’s meeting was canceled due to heavy snow. Stay safe; we’ll inform you about the new schedule soon.
- Reply STOP to opt out.”


  • Invite members to special events, and send details & registry links.
  • Remind members about events, meetings, tasks, etc.
  • Send cancellation & delay messages.
  • Send emergency notifications instantly.
And enjoy the increased engagement and loyalty of members.

The SMS Open Rate is 98%
(While emails have a 20% open rate)

How It Works
Bulk import residents'
phone numbers
Create your
text message
your message

Sign up today and start with 100 BONUS text message credits.

Features & Affordable Pricing


  • Unlimited keywords, groups, and contacts

  • Affordable and Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

  • No monthly fees

  • Send bulk SMS & MMS/image messages

  • Send personalized bulk messages

  • Two-way communication option

  • Create message templates

  • Designed for non-technical teams

Learn more features on the mass texting platform page.


A credit card is not required to sign up.

What Our Clients Say

Mass text messaging software testimonial

We use Pony Express HQ to send event reminders and find volunteers for Sunday meetings. It's so easy to notify our community members and respond to every message in the dashboard.

Nate K., Minister


Engage with all customers/members
in seconds with Pony Express HQ!

Sign up today and start with 100 BONUS text message credits.

No credit card information is required for the free trial.

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