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Update: Clean up your subscriber list-Unsubscribe failed numbers

Updated: Apr 11

Just launched: a handy new feature to clean up your subscriber list. Pony Express HQ now lets you audit your mobile subscriber list and remove the phone numbers that failed. To find out why messages might fail and how you can take advantage of this new feature, keep reading!

Update: Clean up your subscriber list-Unsubscribe failed numbers
Update: Clean up your subscriber list-Unsubscribe failed numbers

How come my message failed to deliver to a subscriber?

There could be multiple reasons, such as:

  • The phone number is a landline and not a mobile phone

  • The phone number has been blacklisted by the phone carrier

  • The phone number is discontinued and no longer in use

How do I remove phone numbers that failed?

Pony Express enables single-click removal of all failed numbers.

Send Group Message via Pony Express

1. From your Pony Express dashboard, click on "Send Group Message".

See Campaign Details Pony Express

2. If you've sent group messages in the past, you'll see a history of your past messages. Click on "See Campaign Details" for the message that you'd like to check.

Click "Un-subscribe all failed numbers"

3. You'll see a report. Click "Un-subscribe all failed numbers" to remove the failed numbers.

If I un-subscribe a failed number, is it removed from all of my groups?

Yes, unsubscribing a failed number will remove the number from all groups. No need to remove failed numbers from every individual group.

Why should I remove failed numbers?

Keep your subscriber list clean and up to date with only valid numbers.

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