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3 Reasons Why SMS - Text Marketing Wins Over Email Marketing Every Time

Updated: Oct 26

Our Pony Express HQ users know that if you aren't using text marketing, you're missing a huge opportunity to connect with your customers and members. What makes SMS - text marketing so effective and powerful? How does SMS - text marketing compare to email marketing? Read on to find out.

⏰ Reason number 1: Text messages are opened way faster than emails! Emails sit in inboxes for an average of 6 hours and 24 minutes before they get opened. SMS? Text messages get opened in 3 minutes and less.

Text messages are opened way faster than emails!

✉️ Reason number 2: Almost all text messages get opened! Only 20% of emails are opened, versus 98% of text messages. SMS - text messages perform nearly 5x better than email.

Only 20% of emails are opened, versus 98% of text messages.

🛍 Reason number 3: When it comes to making a sale, SMS - text message wins again! Only 2% of emails convert to a sale, versus 8% of text messages. Source*

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