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3 basic rules you should remember to build your business on solid foundations

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Mass Text Messaging | 3 basic rules you should remember to build your business on solid foundations
Mass Text Messaging | 3 basic rules you should remember to build your business on solid foundations

Finding the right and effective marketing strategy to succeed in your business is hard, isn't it? Maybe you’ve tried every marketing tip you heard but still can’t get efficient results. Maybe you are running your business somehow for now, but you know something isn’t right. Perhaps, you forget to follow the basics of marketing. Don’t worry; Pony Express HQ is here to help you! In this article, we’ll remind you of the 3 basic rules of marketing you should follow before moving onto more advanced marketing strategies.

To succeed in your business, you should review these 3 components of your marketing strategy:

These may seem too basic. But don’t forget, if you don’t build your brand on a solid foundation, you can’t get efficiency from your marketing strategy. Sometimes looking from a simple perspective can help to achieve your goals. So, let’s delve into details to learn the 3 basic rules about these keys of business marketing! 🌟

3 basic rules to succeed in your small business

1. Providing high-quality products and services

Quality is a must if you want to create brand value. Just think about your regular shopping. Maybe you sometimes use poor quality products or services. But, do you trust these brands after experiencing their low-quality products and services? Do you keep buying them with satisfaction? We don’t think so.

So, just put yourself in your customers' shoes, and ask yourself, “would you buy your products/services?”. If your answer is no, review and revise your products and services. Improve them with better versions. Of course, there are many businesses with poor offerings, but if you prefer to grow your business along with valuable branding, you should not compare yourself with bad examples. On the other hand, even if your answer is yes, you should also review your products and services. You can always improve and update your business based on your customers’ needs in this changing world, which will help you get ahead of your competitors.

2. Proper Promotion

No matter how good your products and services are, you can't make sales if you are not promoting them properly. There are thousands of marketing methods to promote your business. The important thing is choosing the right one according to the scale and resources of your business. For example, if you have a small budget, social media or email marketing may not be effective for your business. These marketing methods require too much time, effort, and even marketing specialists to cope with complex marketing platforms. However, they don’t bring in enough sales because it is hard to control and organize these marketing methods.

So, which marketing method is convenient for small businesses? Text marketing! 📲

▫️ If you are not familiar with text marketing, you can check out this article:

Why should you use mass text messaging to promote your business?

Contrary to popular marketing methods, mass text messaging is effortless but the most efficient marketing method for small businesses. In mass text messaging, you don’t need to prepare long texts or images like in email marketing, or you don’t need to learn complicated advertising platforms like in social media marketing. All you need to do is to collect opt-ins from your customers to send them promotional mass text messages. Then send your offers via a proper business texting service like Pony Express HQ! ✨

Moreover, according to the statistics, mass text messaging is more cost-effective than other marketing methods to promote your business. For example, the open rate is 98% for mass text messaging, while it is only 20% for emails. Also, 91% of customers positively perceive businesses using text marketing, while they are not even aware of the businesses using promotional emails because they don’t check their emails.

Discover more about the power of mass text messaging: Top 13 SMS marketing statistics

3. Giving importance to customer relations

Having good products/services and properly promoting them are prerequisites for successful businesses. However, if you have bad customer relations, the first two rules will not be enough to sustain your success. Good customer relations are the basis of successful marketing strategies from the past to the present, but it is not about only being friendly and kind to customers. The main idea behind customer relations is about understanding your customers' needs, emotions, and wishes. At this point, please ask yourself, “Do I know my customers?”. If your answer is no, no matter which innovative marketing strategy you try, you will not be able to make sales in the long run.

But how can you improve your customer relations?

You can improve your customer relations in 3 steps:

  1. Observe

  2. Ask

  3. Revise

Firstly, observe your customers’ behaviors. What do they like and don’t like to consume/purchase? Which campaigns/discounts work better for you? Secondly, ask your customers for their opinions of your products, services, prices, shops, etc. You can use online surveys to collect their feedback. Share survey links via your website and social media accounts. However, you can’t control whether your customers will be online and see this link.

Thus, mass text messaging steps in and helps you deliver your survey link to customers whenever you want. With a 98% probability, your customers will open the message. Asking for their opinions will make them feel important, and from this moment on, your customer relations will begin to increase.

In the last step, you should revise your business according to your observations and customers’ feedback. Your customer relations will enhance soon since you run your business regarding your customers' needs and wishes.

Bonus: You can also use mass text messaging to create an emotional bond with your customers. For instance, you can celebrate customers’ birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, etc., via text marketing messages. They will feel special and will be more loyal to your brand. Give it a try! 💛

In this article, we tried to remind you of 3 basic principles of successful businesses. If you are starting a new business or just want to review your marketing strategy, please remember these 3 basic rules to build a solid foundation for your business and maintain your success. And don’t forget to benefit from the power of mass text messaging in your journey. 🌈

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Happy texting 🤍 📲

Pony Express HQ Team

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