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What is SMS marketing? Types, users and benefits of SMS marketing

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Definition of SMS Marketing
Definition of SMS Marketing, Types, Users, and Benefits

This article answered the top questions about SMS marketing, such as its definition, advantages, users, legal grounds, etc. You can reach the certain answer you are looking for from the following table of contents.

Table of Contents

What Is the SMS Marketing? What Is It Used For?

Sms marketing means sending mass text messages to customers. SMS Marketing is a must and complements marketing strategy to deliver unique campaigns, discounts, or information, improve customer engagement and enhance brand awareness. It is also known as text marketing or SMS advertising among digital marketers.

Who Should Use SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is an excellent opportunity for big companies to reach their target directly. However, it is not only for large companies; it can also be quite practical for small businesses. SMS marketing is available for anyone who wants to quickly reach a group of people. So,

SMS marketing can be used by:

  • E-Commerce Shops

  • Stores

  • Restaurants

  • Doctors

  • Hair Salons

  • Boutiques

  • Retailers

  • Realtors

  • Pet Hotels

  • Organizations

  • Municipalities

  • Churches

What Are the Types of SMS Marketing?

As we mentioned above, SMS marketing is an essential element of marketing strategy for B2C businesses. However, it is not only used for marketing purposes. You can use SMS marketing for really beneficial and interesting purposes.

Here are the types of SMS marketing:

  1. Emergency Notification

  2. Mass Communication

  3. Customer Reminder

  4. Celebration

  5. Marketing

Let’s look closer at these text marketing types together!

1. Emergency Notification

In emergencies, it can be necessary to inform people about the current situations, updates, changes, instructions, etc. For example, some roads get blocked in winter due to heavy snow, and municipalities can inform citizens about closed roads, open roads, and alternative routes with SMS marketing. Or, road salt suppliers can send mass text messages about their prices and products to those interested in deicing their roads.

2. Mass Communication

Organizing people is hard enough. So, communicating with them should be easy at least. But let’s assume that you have an open public event on the weekend. Suddenly, you need to change the time for reasons beyond your control. Now, you have to inform hundreds of people as soon as possible. But how? Of course, our answer is SMS marketing! With the help of text marketing services, you can quickly and easily inform the attendees on time.

3. Customer Reminder

Everyone is busy enough. Sometimes people can forget to go somewhere even they have an appointment. Yeah, it’s only human nature, but also it is frustrating and can cause schedule disruptions. So what can you do to prevent these issues? You can use SMS marketing and send reminders to your customers about their appointments.

4. Celebration

Do you care about special days? Or do your customers or workers care about special days? If your answers are yes, you can use SMS marketing for special day celebrations. You can send text marketing messages to both customers and employees. While enhancing your customer engagement by thinking about them on their special days, you can also gain your employees’ sympathy and improve their loyalty thanks to SMS marketing.

5. Marketing

Marketing is a challenging issue. It requires knowledge, time, and budget. If you have a decent marketing strategy, you should add SMS marketing. If you are new or don’t have any strategy, you can start with SMS marketing! We’re saying that any business owner should use SMS marketing to grow their business. You make a great effort to run your business, so you should promote it sufficiently with SMS marketing.

Until now, we learned the definition, users, and types of SMS marketing. Okay, but is SMS marketing worth it? Is it practical, is it legal? We will answer these questions; let’s roll!

Why is SMS Marketing Important?

SMS marketing is important because it is the cutting-edge way to reach customers and grow business. You can promote your business or send emergency notifications easily and quickly with SMS marketing. Also, SMS marketing has a high success rate!

Is SMS Marketing Cost-effective?

Absolutely! Sms marketing is one of the most affordable and profitable marketing strategies. Just think about yourself, how many times a day do you check your phone? We guess the answer is something like … a lot? Your customers check their mobiles frequently, just like you. So, they see almost all text messages on the screen, right? To be more precise about the success rate of SMS marketing, let’s look at what the stats are saying.

SMS Marketing Statistics:

SMS (text) message Statistics


Sms message open rate


Text messages read in five minutes


Times in a day that Americans check their mobiles


Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

In addition to the success rate, SMS marketing has many suggestive advantages:

  1. Power of control

  2. Affordable prices

  3. Easy Usage

Let’s dive into the details of the advantages of SMS marketing!

1. Power of Control

It is hard to track when customers see ads in traditional digital marketing. Maybe they never encounter … On the other hand, in SMS marketing, you can choose and control when the customers see your ads, offers, or the message you want to deliver.

2. Affordable Prices

As mentioned above, marketing requires time and budget. Sometimes it can be hard to spare enough budget to marketing for small businesses. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about the budget with text message marketing. Sms marketing has quite accessible prices to reach the customers on time, directly, and efficiently.

Learn more about the most affordable prices here: Text Marketing Prices

3. Easy Usage

If you want to grow your business, you must use an efficient marketing strategy. However, learning the best strategy for your business takes time. Keep looking for the best marketing strategy for your business, but you also have to start at some point. Don’t wait for learning everything about marketing and begin with easy text marketing. Text message platforms are not complicated; they provide many text messages or MMS message templates. All you need to do is decide your text message content and time.

You can start by examining this platform: The best SMS marketing platform.

Is SMS Marketing Legal?

According to TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) law, SMS marketing is entirely legal if you get your targets’ permission. There are three ways of getting the consent of users to use SMS marketing legally:

  1. Online Consent Form

  2. Competition Entry Forms

  3. Keyword Texts to Certain Numbers

  4. Short Codes

In this article, we answered the most common questions about SMS marketing. If you have further questions about text marketing, do not hesitate to Contact Pony Express HQ.

Happy Messaging 🌻

The Pony Express HQ Team


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