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3 Ways to improve florist business with SMS marketing

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

3 ways to improve florist business with SMS marketing
3 ways to improve florist business with SMS marketing

SMS marketing is quick and easy, making it a highly effective way to improve florist businesses. This article explains 3 ways to use mass messaging to promote and grow florist businesses and provides message examples for flower shops.

1. Inform customers instantly via SMS marketing

Informing is one of the core parts of communication for florist businesses. Send messages to the customers of your flower shop to tell them about the following:

  • Order confirmation

  • Order details & image (MMS marketing)

  • Shipping details & tracking

  • Delivery notification

  • Delay/Cancellation/rejection notifications

Here is a message example for florist businesses:

Your order is ready! 🙌 It will be out for delivery in 15 minutes. Until then, you can review and edit your order at [link]. - Pony Flower Shop

2. Advertise your florist business via text messages

Advertising florist businesses can be challenging due to the limited budget and time of the local and small shops. That is exactly why SMS marketing can be the right fit for florist businesses. Messaging is an easy, affordable, and personal way to connect with customers for florist businesses.

Flower shops can advertise their business by sending reminder messages of special days like holidays and birthdays. Also, they can be creative and remind their customers to make each other happy on ordinary days. 💡

Here are some creative and thoughtful examples of flower shop advertising messages:

Hey, Christine! Sasha’s birthday is coming in 2 weeks. You have been sending birthday flowers to each other for 3 years. To continue the tradition, check out our brand new flower arrangements: [link] - Pony Florist
Hey, Lucas, a flower bouquet is a classy and sincere gift for Mother’s Day. Discover our Mother’s Day special collection at: [link]. Text STOP not to receive Mother’s Day promotion messages that will last 2 weeks.
Ready for the World Kindness Day (Nov 13)? Show your kind heart to your friends and family with our minimalist flower arrangements. Review and order at: [link] - Pony Floral Shop
Hello, Sasha! Wish you a great Monday. Start this week by treating yourself to the lovely smell of fresh daisies. Order at [link]. - Pony Flower Shop
Hi, Joyce! We are thrilled to announce that we have nicely updated all our collections with our Florists. And we are sharing our new collection with only VIP customers like you. Check them out at [link] to make your loved ones smile for special days.
Hey, Kim. You don’t need to wait for special days to make others smile! Send an unexpected flower to your loved ones. Order at [link] - Pony Florist

3. Send flower care tips via bulk messages

Do you know what the lacking point of most florists is? Care tips! Customers purchase beautiful flowers but don’t know how to care for them. 👀 So they would highly appreciate some care tips for the flowers they bought or received as a gift. Here are some message examples for florist businesses to share flower care tips:

Hello Linda, are you a beginner in orchid care? The following tips could help you: 1. Glass, woven plastic, or fiber pots are best for orchids. - 2. Avoid sudden location changes because this can affect the accustomed temperature and light. - Learn more care tips at [link]. Pony Florist
Hey, Lue, do you know how to water your orchid properly? You should water it once a week. But we explained a secret trick for the best results in this video tutorial: [link]. - Pony Flower Shop

We shared 3 ways to use SMS marketing to advertise florist business and engage with customers. To sum up, florists can send their customers informational and promotional messages and care tips. We hope these SMS marketing tips will help you to improve your florist business.

Here are a few links that can be helpful for local businesses:

Happy Texting 🌻

The Pony Express HQ Team

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