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Don’t let your customers go down the drain: Why the best plumbers are using mass text messaging

Updated: Feb 7

Why the best plumbers are using mass text messaging
Why the best plumbers are using mass text messaging

At its core, being a plumber is being the in the business of customer service. And having a mass texting messaging plan will only enhance your relationships with your customers.

If you want to facilitate your work and generate an improved marketing strategy for your plumbing business, here are 7 ways to use business texting services for plumber marketing:

Are you wondering how you can implement a successful text marketing plan for your plumbing business? Let’s find out! 🧑‍🔧

1. Manage appointments

Gone are the days of a paper appointment book. Today, the most convenient way to manage your appointments is via text messaging!

Let’s say your clients want to book an appointment with you. Nowadays, it’s as simple as texting your business a specific keyword like BOOK. Then, they will get an automated response to your online calendar link. Once they click the link and schedule the appointment, both of you will get a confirmation. Presto! Everyone is happy!

Appointment tex message example | Why the best plumbers are using mass text messaging
Appointment tex message example | Why the best plumbers are using mass text messaging

You can also respond individually to each customer’s text message.

Appointment scheduling text message templates for plumbers:

“Hey {first name}, you can schedule your appointment at #calendarlink. {business name} - Reply STOP to opt out”

“Hey {first name}, does Tuesday 2 pm work for you? {business name} - Reply STOP to opt out”

2. Send cancellation/delay notifications

The one must-do thing to enhance your customer relations is to make them feel that their time is valued. No customer should ever be kept waiting in vain.

In case of cancellations or delays, you can set up your business texting services to appraise your customers of the situation. This helps anticipate your customer’s needs and lets you focus on doing what you do best, which is keeping those pipes running smoothly.

Notification message template:

“Hey {first name}, I’m sorry to inform you that I’ll be there 20 minutes late due to a technical problem. Thank you for your patience, and we at {business name} look forward to seeing you as soon as possible - Reply STOP to opt out”

3. Remind check-up times

Everyone is over-scheduled and overbooked these days. To help mitigate that, text messages can remind your customers of the appointment they made with you. SMS reminders both instill trust on the part of your customers in your business and also help keep them organized with very little effort on your part.

Check-up reminder message example:

“Hi {first name}, we just want to remind you of your upcoming check-up time. If there are any issues with this appointment, please check our calendar link at #websitelink. - {business name} - Reply STOP to opt out”

“Hey {first name}, check-up time for your drains is right around the corner. Schedule appointment from #websitelink or call us on #12345 - {business name} - Reply STOP to opt out”

4. Improve team communication

If you are working with a team for your plumbing company, you know that team management plays a crucial role in your success. Business texting services can help you maximize your team communication.

Mass text messaging can keep your team aware of each other’s needs. If one teammate is delayed, a simple bulk SMS message can inform nearby teammates of the situation and redistribute your resources to best meet your customer’s appointment needs.

Team communication message example:

“Hey {first name}, Chris can't get to Mr. Schurte (12 Bach St) due to traffic. Can you go instead? Reply YES if you are available. Wait for the confirmation message to leave. - {business name}”

5. Get customer feedback

Business texting services can help you enhance your digital presence. If you use PPC platforms and have satisfied clients, all you need to do is combine them! Encouraging your customers to sing your praises with future clientele will only help your business to continue to grow.

Review request text message example:

“Hey {first name}, we hope you enjoyed our service. Would you like to comment on your experience with our service on #websitelink? - {business name} - Reply STOP to opt out”

“Hey {first name}, thank you for choosing {business name}. We would be happy to receive your review on your experience with our service on #websitelink. - Reply STOP to opt out”

6. Share invoices & pricing

Help the environment by reducing paperwork and go digital. That includes your invoicing and pricing information for clients. Text the invoice to customers after you finish your work easily through business texting services. They have a digital record of how much they spent, and you have provided a clear and precise invoice to your clients.

Did you know that SMS has a 98% open rate? That means if you are looking for a way of keeping your current and soon-to-be clients informed about your business rates, a text marketing plan has a high effective rate of keeping your clients informed.

Pricing text message example:

“Pricing update: Hey {first name}, I hope you will not need a plumber suddenly, but I’ll share our pricing anyway, just in case. Check it out at - #websitelink - {business name} - Reply STOP to opt out”

7. Influence clients with your knowledge

Do you want to build a strong relationship with your clients? Using an SMS marketing strategy, you can engage clients on plumbing must-dos for their homes. Examples include:

● How they can protect their drains and pipes

● Dos and don’ts in maintaining their plumbing

● Which cleaning products they should avoid

● Common mistakes in plumbing

You have years of experience in plumbing. Text your customers one plumbing tip every week or every two weeks. It helps keep them engaged but also builds trust in your business.

Plumbing tips message example:

“Weekly plumbing tips from {business name} - You should avoid pouring grease down to the sink if you don’t want to clog your pipes. To find out how to properly dispose of grease, follow us here: #websitelink - Reply STOP to opt out”

What is the best platform to advertise a plumbing business?

Google My Business (GMB) and Pony Express HQ are the best platforms to advertise a plumbing business. GMB can help you to reach local clients easily. You can share your address, phone number, working hours, website, and reviews of your clients on GMB. Create a Google My Business account, and help potential customers to know your plumbing service.

Pony Express HQ helps you to sustain and enhance your relationships with clients successfully. Pony Express HQ is a business texting service providing easy and affordable ways to reach customers. Are you ready to implement this seven-step plan for business success?

7 ways to use bulk SMS for plumbers

🌱To get started, try a free trial with Pony Express HQ: best text marketing platform

Got questions? Leave a comment below 😊

Happy Texting 👩‍🔧

The Pony Express HQ Team

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