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Text marketing: group texting for employees and team members

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

How do you coordinate dozens of teammates or hundreds and thousands of employees? Mass text messaging is a fast and easy way to reach large groups of contacts. Send mass group text messages and get individual responses for easy communication. Keep your team members and employees in the know. 💡

Text marketing | Group (SMS) Text messages for employees and team members
Text marketing | Group (SMS) Text messages for employees and team members

Managers and team leaders use the best SMS platform - Pony Express HQ every day to communicate with their teams. With the Pony Express HQ platform, you send a group SMS - text messages with no reply at all! 🙌 Your recipients can't see each other responses, and each reply comes back individually without it being a group text.

No need to download apps or even have a smartphone. SMS - text message is available on any mobile phone. 📲 98% of recipients read their text messages, 90% within 3 minutes. More effective than sending emails.

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How text marketing can help with team communication?

Here are a few ways mass text messaging can save you time and reduce confusion:

  • Send out announcements for shifts and hours. 💬

  • Remind people about meetings and tasks.

  • Announce company-wide news. 📢

  • Inform people about holiday schedules and closings. 🕐

  • Motivate employees by sending text messages to their weekly progress updates.

Group (SMS) Text Messages for Employees and Team Members | Pony Express HQ
Group (SMS) Text Messages for Employees and Team Members | Pony Express HQ

Some examples of group SMS - text messages for employees and teams:

  • Restaurant managers send shift assignments to different groups of employees, the front of the house and the back of the house.

  • Company managers remind employees on a weekly basis to update their hours' tracking.

  • Office managers share closings due to holidays or severe weather. ⛈

  • Sales managers blast daily sales figures and goals to sales reps.

  • Coaches send parents weekly reminders of practice hours and meeting places.

  • Let your staff know a birthday 🎂or promotion celebration is happening in the kitchen!

When you send a mass text message using Pony Express HQ, all responses are individual. No reply-all means that you can keep conversations flowing and personalized.

How do you use group texting to coordinate people? How has group texting changed the way you work and communicate? Share ideas in the comments below! Are you curious to try group texting for your team members? Sign up today for a free account, and get 100 bonus text credits!

If you got questions about SMS marketing, comment below. 👇☺️

Happy Texting✨

Pony Express HQ


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