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Update: Don't Run Out of Credits! Auto-Load Now Available

Pony Express Auto Reload Credits

Dear Pony Express Riders,

We're happy to introduce a new feature, suggested to us by you! Save time by auto-refilling your credits - no need to keep entering your payment information. Don't worry about running low or running out of credits. With auto-load, you'll never miss an incoming message because you'll ensure your account always has credits. ¢¢¢

How does it work?

1. From the left-hand menu, go to your "Account Settings"

2. For first-time users, purchase a prepaid credit package

3. In the "Auto-Reload" section, tell us when you want to refill your credits, such as "when my account falls below 50 credits."

4. Tell us how many credits you want to add to the account, such as "5,000 credits"

5. Click "Setup Auto-Reload" to save your settings

Can I change and/or cancel my Auto-Reload settings?

Yes! Simply go to Account Settings and update or cancel your Auto-Reload settings at any time in the "Credit Auto-Reload" section.

Why should I set this up?

If your account is out of credits, you won't be able to receive incoming messages and you won't be able to send outgoing messages either. Credits keep your Pony Express account running.

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