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What is the point of a business phone number?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Text marketing | What is the point of a business phone number?
Text marketing | What is the point of a business phone number?

Personal phone numbers vs. business phone numbers… Which one works better for your small business? Is it worth having a business phone? This has always been a head-scratcher for small business owners and newly launched companies.

In this article, we’ll go over the up-to-date approaches to business phone numbers to help improve your business communication. But first, let’s discover the definition of business phone numbers. 💡

What is a business phone number?

Business phone numbers are toll-free or local phone numbers specific to managing your customer relations. Also, dedicated business phone numbers are suggested for businesses to organize promotions and increase brand value.

3 reasons to use business phone numbers

Using business phone numbers instead of personal numbers has numerous advantages. In this section, we’ll explain the 3 key reasons to use dedicated business phone numbers:

  1. To protect your privacy

  2. To look professional & trustworthy

  3. To have quick-mass communication

Let’s discover the details of these reasons to use business phone numbers together!

1. Protect your privacy via business phone numbers

You should separate your personal life from business. No matter if you start a small business and can count customers on the fingers of one hand, your business and number of customers will grow gradually over time. Hence, acquiring a dedicated business phone number from the beginning is the safest way to build your customer relations properly.

Moreover, you can easily limit your work hours thanks to business phone numbers and avoid business calls/text messages in your personal time. Thus, you can avoid burnout and reduce the stress that directly affects your work performance.

2. Look professional & trustworthy via business numbers

The first impressions are the most lasting!

You gained new customers and will share your contact information. If you share your personal phone number, customers can think you have an unprofessional brand and service. However, a dedicated business phone number can strike your customers as professional and trustworthy. Just think about yourself, do you trust brands using personal numbers?

Besides, your brand identity is the key factor in increasing customer loyalty. And loyal customers will share their experience with your brand with other potential customers. So, get a dedicated business phone number, and improve your brand value. 🚀

3. Have quick-mass communication within business texting services

In the previous two headings, we introduced the benefits of dedicated business phone numbers for managing customer relations. In this part, we’ll explain the importance of business phone numbers for your marketing strategy.

Separate business numbers can help you to reach your customers more easily, instantly, and affordably. Why? Let’s assume you use the most effective and innovative marketing method to promote your small business: text marketing! You can use both personal and business numbers within business texting services. However, managing the text marketing process professionally and properly is hard with personal phone numbers. But you can organize text marketing campaigns more quickly and systematically with toll-free business phone numbers via business texting services.

For instance, even if you use the best text marketing platform, you can deliver your offers to a limited number of customers with your personal phone number. On the other hand, you can communicate with your customers as much as you need with toll-free business phone numbers because you can send unlimited text marketing messages.

Personal local numbers

You can send max. 100 text marketing messages daily.

Toll-free business phone numbers

You can send text marketing messages to customers with your personal phone number. Still, you will not be able to respond to hundreds of customers’ texts automatically. But, if you get a toll-free business number, you can benefit from the keyword algorithm of Pony Express HQ. This means you can automatically send hundreds of ready-to-use response messages to specific keywords texted by customers. Thus, you will be able to respond to customers' messages immediately, which will improve your customer relations.

Within this article, we answered the popular question “Should you get a business phone number?”. In short, the answer is Yes. You should use business phone numbers to protect your privacy, enhance brand identity, and effectively run text marketing campaigns.

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Happy Texting 🤍

The Pony Express HQ Team

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