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“Hair” today, gone tomorrow: SMS - text marketing for beauty salons and spas

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Getting that just-right hairstyle for an individual is similar to planning your company’s good digital marketing campaign. It’s got to make you look good. It’s got to make you feel good. And it needs to be something you can maintain. Beauty salon and spa owners, take heed! We’re here to tell you that the same magical feeling you provide your salon chairs can be translated into a strategic and cost-effective SMS - text marketing campaign to help grow your revenue and boost your business. 📈

Here are three traditional marketing tips with an SMS - text marketing twist -- to give you that hair-raising boost in clientele.

SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons and Spas | Pony Express HQ
SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons and Spas | Pony Express HQ

3 Tips for beauty salons and spas to benefit from the power of text marketing

1. Get the Word Out

When disseminating coupons or flyers about your latest beauty pampering deals, it’s not uncommon to use paper or coupon booklets and leave them all over town. This can be hit or miss, but at least you’re getting the word out about your services, right? With an SMS text marketing plan, you can directly message your latest deals to your top clients’ phones, allowing you to cast a wide net with minimal effort or cost. 💸 Take a look at the top 3 ways to collect SMS opt-ins.

2. Do Some Good

Now we always encourage doing good for the sake of doing good. Providing a little beauty pampering for those in need will never be wrong. But volunteering your services is also an effective way to advertise your business. An SMS text message marketing campaign can organize and coordinate these efforts, helping make sure that your volunteer work creates the most impact in your community -- all the while increasing your client contact list.

3. Target Your Clients

If you’re a salon owner, you know your clients come from all walks of life. And it can be a challenge to come up with exciting promotions that appeal to everyone. You can easily target your latest deals for your most suited clientele with text marketing. Is the new school year about to start? Offer a “Back To School” haircut that targets only your young people and teachers. 📚

Is wedding season kicking off? Create a “Bridal Party” 👰 sign-up campaign for your soon-to-be-Mrs clients.

Your text marketing campaign should reflect how you run your beauty salon and spa: everyone is welcome, and each client is treated as an individual. With the Pony Express HQ texting platform, you can create that same specialized service in your marketing campaign, allowing you flexibility while staying connected with your clientele powerfully -- in and out of your salon.

Want to learn more about text marketing? Check our blog: text marketing news

Pony Express HQ is the go-to service for mobile text message marketing. Our company offers various mobile marketing solutions. Let’s ensure your beauty business stays “hair” today and not gone tomorrow.

Happy Texting!

Pony Express HQ

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