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How can SMS text marketing help charity organizations raising their chance of being advertisable?

Updated: May 9, 2019

In the for-profit world, a company’s advertising budget can accommodate for multiple streams to achieve their marketing goals. However, the story is quite different for not-for-profit organizations. Non-profits will often de-prioritize advertising and marketing in their annual budget in order to allocate more, if not most, of their resources towards their mission statement.

This is understandable and perhaps even as it should be. However, with today’s technological resources, just because you’re working with a limited budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an impactful SMS text marketing campaign for your non-profit organization.

How can SMS text marketing help charity organizations raising their chance of being advertisable?

If your goal is to make sure your message reaches as many people as possible, then consider the use of an SMS text marketing plan. Quite simply, SMS text marketing is the most cost effective and easiest way to promote your mission and to reach people that not familiar with your work. While Non-Profits may be limited in financial resources, the need for marketing is no more diminished than if you are a Fortune 100 company.

Learn how SMS text marketing can provide your organization the edge it needs to be on the forefront of everyone’s minds.

  • Bring your organizations relevancy and currency to the people. An SMS marketing plan can help make people aware that your work directly impacts their day-to-day lives. Text messages have a 98% open rate and have to be 90% read rate; in fact, most text messages are read within the first 3 minutes.

  • Engage in a call-to-action. By applying the use of keywords, your SMS text campaign can be an immediate call to action, allowing folks to instantly donate to your cause with just a few keystrokes on their 📲 smartphones. The same ease your donors use their phones to pay for their morning coffee, can be utilized towards a donation campaign towards your latest organization’s work.

  • Show folks your gratitude. Donors want to know how their contribution helps in the cause. The same SMS text marketing tool that allowed them to donate can be used to relay updates on your fundraising goals, latest updates on your work, and provide you an immediate means to say thank you.

At Pony Express HQ, we believe in doing good work in service of those in need. Moreover, just because you don’t have a huge marketing budget, it doesn’t mean the importance of your work can’t reach a broad audience. We have a powerful and user-friendly messaging platform that can be easily catered for your non-profit organizational needs. Pony Express HQ is extremely cost-effective, with no monthly fees; in fact, you only pay for what you use. We make it so easy for you that no technical expertise is needed. Are you ready to start getting the word out about your organization with SMS marketing? Then give Pony Express HQ a trial run today!

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