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How SMS Text Marketing Becomes Indispensable for Social Clubs?

We know that SMS text message 💬 marketing is a game-changer in every big-scale sector. Companies facilitate dozens of processes by simply sending text messages. Also, we know that every major corporation will have a big marketing budget.

However, what if you’re just a small, voluntary driven social organization? That’s right, whether you’re a book club 📚, game club 🎮, sports club 🏈, church group 💒, or bowling league 🎳, keeping your member engaged and informed is integral to the success of your group. Can the same tool that multi-billion dollar companies use to communicate with their customers be applied towards your social club?

Let’s find out. 😉

  • Social clubs usually don't have thousands of members. But whether you have 20 or 200 members in your group, keeping your membership current on upcoming gatherings and plans can be trying effort. With an SMS, text message marketing plan, you can streamline communications 📲 with your membership and scale for growth as needed -- with a minimal struggle on your part. However, more importantly, SMS - text messages can retain the warmth and friendly camaraderie that is lacking in e-mail communications.

  • SMS, text message marketing has all the strengths of major communication tools and none of the cons. SMS, text messages are personable and intimate and have a sense of immediacy that engages your membership. But they also provide strong logistical support, allowing you to create membership surveys, RSVP notifications, and automated reminders ⏳ for upcoming events.

At Pony Express HQ, we’ve built a powerful, yet a user-friendly text messaging platform that can enhance your social club’s experience, with minimum pain points. Also, all within a reasonable cost. There are no monthly fees. You pay only what you use.

Running a social club is hard enough. Let Pony Express HQ help bring the “social” back to your social club. Give Pony Express HQ a trial run today! 🙌

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