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How to increase sales on Valentine’s Day with text marketing?

Updated: Apr 4

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to increase your sales. Generating the right campaigns and discounts are essential to increase sales, but they are not enough. You must tell your customers about these campaigns. But how?

The best and most accurate way of informing customers is text marketing. According to the latest research of Gartner*, the SMS open rate is %98!

In this article, we'll explain how to increase your sales using text marketing". But first, let's check the definition of text marketing for unfamiliar.


What is text marketing?

Text marketing which is also known as SMS marketing is a way of reaching your customers to tell them about your campaigns, promotions, discounts, and new shop openings. Also, you can remind your customers about yourself by using SMS marketing. Text marketing is generally used by both e-commerce and stores.

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How to increase your sales using text marketing on Valentine's Day?

There are 3 important things that you must pay attention to before using text marketing to increase your sales using text marketing on Valentine's Day:

  1. Timing

  2. Content

  3. Platform

Okay, but how you should apply these steps to increase sales on Valentine's Day. Let's take a closer look at the details together!

Increase Your Sales with Text Marketing
Increase Your Sales with Text Marketing

1. Timing of Text Marketing Campaigns

Daily Timing

To reach customers and attract their attention, you must be careful about timing. Text marketing campaigns should be run between 09:00 AM and 09:00 PM. You should send the text messages neither too early nor too late. Since these are the customer mobile phone numbers, untimely text messages can cause adverse effects and customer loss instead of increasing sales.

Campaign Timing

In addition to the daily timing, you should think about the timing of the campaign. What do we mean? What we mean is you should use text marketing several times to increase sales during Valentine's Day. Sending messages on only Valentine's Day is not enough!

You should use text marketing to pre-announcement, on-time announcement, and final call of your campaigns for Valentine's Day. A week before Valentine's Day, pre-announcement can be done to make your customers aware of your upcoming discounts. Then, on Valentine's Day morning, you can remind your customers about V-Day discounts. And on the evening of Valentine's Day, final text messages like "not miss the opportunity" or "last hours of the campaign" can help you to increase sales on Valentine's Day.

2. Content of Text Marketing

You have limited time to engage with your customers with text marketing because they don't want to read long messages. Short and precise messages are essential for the best text marketing, especially on Valentine's Day. So, you must be sure that you have adequate and interesting information on the text messages with the content below.

The content of text marketing:

  • Numbers/rates

  • Date

  • CTA


Giving numbers or discount rates is a must for text marketing. Customers want to know if it is worth using this discount and they can understand it by looking at numbers. Also, numbers are eye-catching in a text; thus, you can use numbers/rates to enhance customers' interest in your text message.


Although the date of Valentine's Day is exact, you must give the date of discount on your next marketing message. Maybe you started the discount days before Valentine's Day, or it can continue until a week later than Valentine's Day. Customers want to know the exact time period of discount to plan their shopping.

CTA (Call to Action)

By informing customers about discounts and dates, you can help them start thinking about buying something on Valentine's Day. However, it is not enough to motivate them to shop. People always need to hear "Do, Make, Click, Go, Buy" to take action. Thus, you should add a CTA to your text marketing message.

3. The platform of Text Marketing

Using text marketing is one of the most successful ways to increase sales on Valentine's Day. First, however, you should work with the right and best text marketing platform to reach your goals quickly.

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In addition to its affordable prices, Pony Express HQ provides pre-designed templates to save your time and effort. You can change these templates or create new text marketing campaigns from the platform.

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In this article, we explain the ways of increasing sales on Valentine's Day by using text marketing. We hope it will be helpful to grow your business. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pony Express HQ.

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