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Make your theater/venue the star attraction with SMS text message marketing

Updated: Apr 8

SMS text message marketing is one of the most common ways to draw customer attention to your company. Through an SMS text marketing plan, a company can make impactful communication with their customers without spending extravagant amounts of money and time. Imagine applying this tool as a theater and owner 🎭 and manager. Implement an SMS mobile text message marketing plan and help make your theater the star attraction in town. 🎬

Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing for Theater Venues
Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing for Theater Venues

Traditional marketing advertising is no longer the only practical way to promote what you sell. These days, the smart managers are looking to use current technological developments to advance their outreach to customers. That’s why so many managers prefer SMS 💬 text marketing since it is user-friendly and quite cheap💸.

Theater /Venue 🎭 owners can also take advantage of SMS text marketing to help bring folks into their establishment. Below are some ways SMS text marketing can transform your venue into a go-to attraction:

• Events in Theaters/ Venues happen at a scheduled ⏳ time. You're playing that film whether you have only 20 seats sold or a packed house. As a theater owner though, it’s in your best interest to tip the odds towards a full house. SMS text marketing can help introduce your product to new audiences and also to draw your established customers 🙋‍back (and back again). You can outreach potential customers by just sending them simple texts 📲 that inform them about the time 🕔and place 🎫 of your event. Creating a more personal and direct communication chain directly with your customers. • You can offer your customers special offers or coupons through text messages. Getting these messages makes your customer feel unique, special and exclusive. If you inform them about these offers, they are more likely to be enticed to join the fun. 🍿 • You can inform your customers about new released blockbusters or sequels since not all of your customers are cinephiles who follow release dates weekly. Moreover, you can send them web links to movie critics about popular movies 🎞 or you can promote your movies as ‘Movie of the week’ or ‘Movie of the month’ with a simple text message. 💬 • Create a text-only reservation system that only your top customers know about. These customers can make reservations for the upcoming movies. Through simple yes/no 🙅‍questions, our platform can be used to direct your customer to purchase an exclusive viewing event in your theater. 🎭 Truly, the options are limitless to what you can do with an SMS text marketing campaign for your theater. At Pony Express HQ, we have built a powerful and user-friendly messaging platform that can be very useful for theaters and venues. Moreover, all at a very cost-effective packages with no monthly fees. You only pay for what you use.💸

Mobile SMS Text Messaging the most effective & simple Marketing Channel
Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing for Theater Venues

Are you ready to start outreach with your customers excitingly and effectively with mobile SMS text message marketing? Then give Pony Express HQ 🐎 a trial run today!

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