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mass text messaging service


Businesses and communities, improve your communication with your target audience by using mass text messaging.

It's popular with non-technical teams.

Get the most affordable mass text messaging rates.

No contracts, no credit card, and no coding required.

Mass Text Messaging is Easy for Everyone
with Pony Express HQ

SMS marketing pricing

mass text messaging

We offer unbeatable pricing

for mass text messaging!

Text marketing pricing

Prices at
1 cent per text

Discover prepaid plan discounts. You can save more money by purchasing more credits.

SMS marketing software

Groups and keywords are limitless

We don't charge extra to create additional groups and keywords, in contrast to our rivals.

Affordable Mobile
Text Messaging

How to Mass Text Messaging Online?

mass text messaging platform

Mass text messaging from

any device

Your contacts get

messages on their mobiles

mass text messaging service

Notify, verify, remind, warn, and update your audiences via 

mass text messaging campaigns.

Why this is the best mass text messaging platform? Check these out:

Sign up for free and send texts right away

No setup, coding, or training is necessary

Affordable pricing for any budget

No monthly charges, no secret payments

Using a two-way communication platform, enable receivers to reply privately.

Free message delivery to your mobile number for testing

Text thousands of messages at once

MMS messaging option

Get a toll-free or US local phone number for free

Have limitless keywords

How it works in Pony Express HQ?

Mass text messaging in three steps:

Mass text messaging software

1. Sign Up

Register our easy-to-use text marketing platform

Mass text messaging credits

2. Purchase Text Credits

Choose your pricing plan,

starts at $11

start mass text messaging

3. Start Messaging

Start mass text messaging instantly!

What do our customers say?

Here is how our mass text messaging service helped to our clients to grow their outreach:

Mass text messaging software testimonial

It's so easy to use and our team loves it! We love that you can opt in to text message group by just one keyword by a simple number. We absolutely love this product.

The dashboard is nice and easy to use and it's so easy to send out a mass text.


Noah F., Next Gen Pastor

Murphysboro, IL

How can mass text messaging 
help small businesses?

Why Mass Text Messaging?

Mass text messaging software
Mass text messaging service

Text messages have a              open rate, and 90% of messages

are read within 3 seconds!*


Nearly all text messages are opened!

Emails have a 20% open rate while SMS has 98%.💬

That's why we insist businesses take advantage of mass text messaging.


Mass text messaging works excellent for sales too!

Emails have only a 2% of conversion rate, while SMS has 8%.


Start mass text messaging today, and

get ahead of your competitors.

SMS open rate
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