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Directory for business software recognizes Pony Express HQ as the rising star in mobile marketing

Updated: Feb 22

Smart businesses & organizations know that SMS texting is crucial in their marketing effort. Pony Express HQ is the ideal partner for a company’s text marketing needs.

Pony Express HQ entered the business of providing text message marketing options in an effort to help companies who want convenient yet effective ways to reach their target market. While we didn’t do it for the recognition, we are happy to announce that FinancesOnline has granted us the prestigious 2019 Rising Star Award.

FinancesOnline, a premier business directory, has compared our product against top mobile marketing team tools on the market to test its speed, efficiency, and quality of features. They also used a customer satisfaction algorithm to see how other users responded to the product.

Among the Pony Express HQ features that impressed FinancesOnline were its no-fuss interface, which is ideal for teams without in-house technical consultants, as well as its smart contact synchronization tools that let users effectively manage their customer data in one database. In addition, they also commended the smart encoding tool that makes it easy to maximize SMS credits.

Let’s take a closer look at the Pony Express HQ

Pony Express HQ is a business texting platform along with various benefits of SMS marketing, which are:

  • Optimal targeting by creating specific text marketing lists out of contact lists

  • Generating auto-reply to particular keywords

  • Enhancing customer engagement

  • Providing visual variety via MMS and emojis

There are three steps to use the business texting service of Pony Express HQ:

  1. Uploading and syncing your subscriber list (CSV file or other databases)

  2. Creating your text message

  3. Sending your text message to your customers/community.

Bonus: If a customer responds, you can also run one-to-one conversations.

Pony Express HQ is dedicated to working with small businesses, including non-profits, church groups, education organizations, and other small companies because they understand the need to stay on budget and maximize your money.

Garnering an overall user satisfaction rating of 100%, our text message marketing platform has also been granted the 2019 Premium Usability Award. This title is given to SaaS products that serve as FinancesOnline’s gold standard of mobile marketing software and offer intuitive yet easy-to-use interfaces that both novice and professional users are sure to appreciate.

For more information on the Pony Express HQ review, visit the FinancesOnline website today. Again, we are thankful for your support as we look forward to creating better mobile marketing solutions for you this year!

Pony Express HQ

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