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Pony Express HQ earns industry recognition as a robust SMS text messaging application 💬

Updated: Feb 22

2 New Awards!🏆 Pony Express HQ Earns Industry Recognitions as a Robust SMS Text Messaging Application

Staying connected with large volumes of customers and audiences through mobile and mass text messaging is both simple and affordable with Pony Express HQ, and review site CompareCamp experienced this first-hand after they conducted a thorough analysis of our platform. Impressed with their findings, CompareCamp distinguished us with the Great User Experience 🏆 and Rising Star 🌟 awards for 2019.

Pony Express HQ was lauded for its outstanding user experience due to several factors. This includes fast and simple implementation, straightforward real-time sending and receiving of messages on any device, hassle-free messaging to large volume customers through bulk SMS, text messages and others. Based on their analysis, cross-posting of messages on Facebook is another defining feature of Pony Express HQ, as this capability makes it effortless for users to reach a wide number of audiences. Take a look the related blog post in here: Cross-post your SMS text message to your Facebook wall. 📚

Aside from evaluating the core functionalities of Pony Express HQ, the SaaS reviews platform also praised our platform as an incredibly “affordable” tool for connecting with customers. With a fuss-free pay-as-you-go pricing, you can dedicate your efforts reaching your market and clients. This is one of the reasons why Pony Express HQ was named as CompareCamp’s Rising Star for 2019 🌟, as it is a brand that customers trust for its inexpensive rates in mobile communications.

According to Pony Express HQ, the platform delivers several key benefits when it comes to SMS text message marketing: including being able to create specific groups out of contact lists, creating auto-responses to keywords texted, and ensuring that your customers always feel engaged. The company’s platform also allows the use of emojis and MMS images to enhance audience delight.

The process is just three easy steps: Simply upload and sync your subscribers from either a CSV file, create a message, and send a large group text with no reply all. Once a customer responds you can keep the conversation going with one-on-one messaging options.

Try CompareCamp’s award-winning software today to start sending large volumes of SMS messages at a low cost.

Pony Express HQ

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