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Text marketing solutions for your small business

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Let Pony Express HQ be your small business marketing tool for all your business needs.

Small Business owners usually don't have much in the way of resources. Since their financial sources are limited, they need to use really cost-effective marketing methods to advertise their businesses. At this point, SMS marketing becomes a great opportunity for small businesses to enhance their outreach and grow their business. 🌈 That's the whole idea behind Pony Express HQ. 💬

Not only is Pony Express HQ your SMS - text message marketing service, but also the social media service provider; you'll get exclusive features on the types of business texting services you need most.

Within this digital era, adapting your business to digital is a must. Old school brochures or collecting coupons from newspapers are not working anymore. Customers want to go with an easy path; they want to reach everything through their mobiles. So, you should adapt yourself according to them via SMS marketing service: Pony Express HQ! 🧡

💡 Discover the power of text marketing: Top 13 SMS marketing statistics

How does text marketing help small businesses?

Small businesses can use SMS marketing:

  1. To deliver offers/discounts/campaigns to the right customers

  2. To enhance customer engagement by celebrating their special days

  3. To provide information about delivery tracks

  4. To get feedback from customers via survey links

  5. To increase their social media access by sharing their links

  6. To create brand value by generating trust

Learn more about how small businesses can benefit from mass text messaging: SMS marketing for small businesses.

Which business texting service is the best?

Pony Express HQ provides all the services your small business needs. We make it easy to reach out to your customers on the Pony Express HQ dashboard. Tools and resources to help you promote and market your business with SMS marketing, social media, cross-posting via Facebook and Twitter, and more. No training, no coding required, or set-up required.

▫️ For the other features, take a look here: ▫️ Are you ready to start experimenting with text marketing to make your business run better?

💡 It is free to sign up, and you will get 100 bonus text message credits from us. 🎉

Then give Pony Express HQ a trial run today, and start growing your small business. ★

▫️Last but not the least, Pony Express HQ offers the most affordable mass text messaging prices: Bulk SMS Pricing

Happy Texting 💬

The Pony Express HQ Team


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