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Update: Reach More People - Add Phone Numbers to Your Pony Express HQ Account

Dear Pony Express Riders,

Additional phone numbers are now available for purchase! Reach more people without getting blocked or filtered by major phone carriers. ️☎️

Each Pony Express HQ user starts off with one free, dedicated phone number. 🙌 Major phone carriers limit the number of messages sent per phone number per day. If you’d like to send a group message to over 200 people, now you can purchase additional phone numbers to expand your reach. 📞

For example, let’s say you’d like to send a group message to 700 recipients. In your Pony Express HQ dashboard, add two additional phone numbers to your account. You’ll have 4 phone numbers total - your first free phone number, and your two new phone numbers, for a messaging capacity of up to 800 recipients per day (4 phone numbers x 200 messages per number). 🤙

For continuity, we’ll ensure that each recipient is assigned to the same phone number. Scale your reach and make sure your message gets sent! ️🔊

Go to your Pony Express dashboard now to get a new US phone number with your local area code.

Pony Express dashboard send sms

Happy New Year!🎄

The Pony Express HQ Team 🐎