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SMS marketing update: New templates available, just in time for Valentine's Day

Updated: 5 days ago

💖 This Valentine's Day, let your customers and community members know that you're thinking of them by sending them a mobile Valentine's Day message. You can use the SMS marketing method to engage better with your customers. Also, you can use SMS marketing to increase your sales on Valentine's Day.

Pony Express created a series of new pre-designed image templates free for all of our loyal riders to use. Customize the text with your special message this holiday season.

How do I access these image templates?

When creating a group message, select "MMS/Picture message" and then click on "Use Image Gallery.".

Enhancing customer engagement via SMS marketing is that much easy with Pony Express HQ!

♥️ Discover: Valentine's Day text message templates

Do you have any special requests for image templates that you'd like to see? 🤙 Leave a comment below!

Happy Texting ✨

The Pony Express Team 🐎

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