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How SMS text message marketing helps insurance companies to make more profit?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Companies have to communicate frequently with customers. However, an abundance of tools has influenced customers’ stance toward marketing negatively. Since people are tired of spam emails 📩 and messages, interacting with customers has become harder in years. Communicating with them has to be direct and to the point. But one tool for marketing has become prominent in recent years: SMS marketing! 👁‍🗨

How SMS text message marketing helps insurance companies to make more profit?
How SMS text message marketing helps insurance companies to make more profit?

SMS text message marketing has become the most reliable marketing tool for insurance companies. Through SMS text messages, insurance companies are able to engage their clients, all within an affordable budget 💰.

Why should insurance companies benefit from SMS marketing?

Here’s why SMS text marketing has become the number one marketing tool for insurance companies:

  • All innovative and smart companies know the value of their customers’ feedback. Surveys ✨ are key to understanding a customer’s perception of a professional brand. SMS text messages 💬 are the perfect vehicle for client feedback, providing accurate and instant data for improving services.

  • Customers only remember their insurance companies when confronted with an incident. But insurance companies that, by staying engaged with their customers 👩‍, are more likely to build a loyal and growing customer base. Insurance companies are increasingly encouraging their customers to opt into text messages in order to keep them informed and aware of all their product offerings. 💥

  • Using SMS text messages 💬 have also helped facilitate renewal changes and annulment processes for insurance customers. People are busy in today’s working tempo, by reducing barriers for customers to access insurance procedures, SMS texts have proven to be an excellent way to increase customer retention. 🙌

Wanna benefit from the power of SMS marketing?

At Pony Express HQ, we’ve built a powerful yet user-friendly group SMS, mass text messaging platform; the very same platform that is improving the way insurance companies do business. What makes Pony Express HQ especially appealing is our great prices 💸. There are no monthly fees. You pay only what you use. 🎈

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