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3 ways to drive sales on Labor Day with text marketing

Updated: May 22

3 ways to drive sales on Labor Day with text marketing

If you have an effective marketing strategy, you can double your sales on Labor Day! But if you overlook your marketing strategy, you can miss the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.

The most cost-effective method to enhance your Labor Day marketing strategy is mass text messaging! We’ll explain 3 core text marketing tricks that you can use to build your Labor Day marketing strategy.

Let’s get started! 🚀

1. Hone in on your subscribers’ needs

Did you know that 27,100* people in the US searched for “Labor Day sales” last august? This means a large number of people want to be in the loop about Labor Day sales deals. That is why we emphasize the cost-effectiveness of text marketing messages.

Just think that you texted your Labor Day promotions to all of your customers. Most of them would be happy to hear from you because it will save them from searching for sales. It’s a win-win! ✌️

Labor Day special offers text message example:

“Labor Day Specials from {business name}! 🎉 Buy 1 Get 1 30% off. Mix n Match! Call us at #phone for specials. Reply STOP to opt out.”

Likewise, the searches for “Labor Day gift” massively increase at the end of the summer. So, you can use this as an opportunity to text customers the best Labor Day gift ideas, including your products or services.

Labor Day gift ideas text message examples:

“Hey John 🙌 Looking for a Labor Day gift? Visit our site and discover the best bundles and sales that we have for you #websitelink. {businessname} -Reply STOP to opt out.”

“Hey Steven, we heard you are looking for Labor Day gifts for your employees. We prepared 3 gift ideas for you: a snack basket, cloth bag, or a day-off 😋. Visit our website for more gift ideas #websitelink. - {businessname} -Reply STOP to opt out.”

Or, if you have an event-related business, you may want to take advantage of the "Labor Day activities'' searches that increase as the day approaches. In fact, you don’t have to be the owner of a party & event management business for this.

Many small business owners can incorporate Labor Day activities into their businesses. For example, if you have stationery, you can organize a painting workshop for kids on Labor Day. Thus, you will receive customers in your shop, and they will have a place to spend Labor Day with their kids. It’s no-lose again! ☺️

Labor Day event invitation text message example:

“Hey Sarah, you’re invited to the Labor Day painting workshop of {businessname} at 2 pm with your family! 🎨It’ll be so much fun. Find details on #websitelink. Reply YES to register, STOP to opt out.”

Popular Google searches for Labor Day activities | Text marketing
Popular Google searches for Labor Day activities | Text marketing

Or if you run a restaurant business, you can remind customers of yourself through text marketing. Many customers seek out restaurants for their family gatherings on Labor Day. But you know, the human mind tends to forget things when they are most needed. Text them, and let them know you have delicious food and tables available for their family reunion.

Labor Day text message examples for restaurants:

“Labor Day is on the horizon! 🎉 Did you book for your family gatherings? Book early at {restaurantname} and get a 15% discount for Labor Day. Reply YES to get a call to discuss details. Reply STOP to opt out.”

Increasing restaurant search for Labor Day family gathering on Reddit | SMS marketing
Increasing restaurant search for Labor Day family gathering on Reddit | SMS marketing

Source: Reddit

2. Use the power of visualization - MMS messages

Words are everything in human life, but visuals are punchier, don’t you think? It is the same for the mass text messaging world. You can use plain text messages for your weekly-ordinary SMS marketing campaigns. But on special occasions like Labor Day, MMS messages can help you get your message across more effectively. They are more fun, grab more attention, and have a higher engagement rate.

By the way, can you spot the 7 differences between SMS and MMS?

3. Emotions, emotions, emotions…

Do you know why the majority of the marketing efforts fall short for Labor Day? Because they don’t appeal to emotions. Most probably, these marketers/small business owners focus on only delivering promotions. But actually, proper marketing includes the basic features of human beings: emotions. Sense of necessity, sense of urgency, sense of opportunity, a feeling of importance, and so on.

You can create most of these feelings with promotional messages. For instance, you can strike a sense of urgency by including a “limited time offer” in your text messages. Or sending discount messages triggers the feeling of opportunity by itself. The hard one is generating the feeling of importance.

So, how can you overcome this difficulty and make your customers feel important on Labor Day? Simple; by appreciating their efforts within this tough life. Use your superpower-text marketing, and tell them, “You worked hard, congratulations!”. These simple words are enough to make your customers smile and become loyal to your brand.

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Labor Day celebration text message examples:

“Hey John 🙌 You’ve worked hard this year, now it's time to celebrate your efforts. 🥳 {businessname} wishes you Happy Labor Day! 🤍- Reply STOP to opt out”

“Hey Sarah 🙌 You inspire us with your dedicated work style. Wish you a happy and joyful Labor Day! 🤍- {businessname} - Reply STOP to opt out”

Of course, you can improve your text message template. You can include motivational quotes, emojis, personalization, and so on. Also, you can discover more tips and tricks in our article about the 7 do’s and don’ts for mass text messaging.

Bonus: Business owners can use business texting services to celebrate Labor Day of their employees, in addition to customers.

Final remarks on Labor Day text marketing strategy

There are numerous ways to reach a successful marketing strategy for Labor Day. But the most cost-effective one is text marketing. In this article, we shared 3 practical text marketing tips to implement in your Labor Day campaigns. We hope they help you to improve your text marketing processes. If you have any questions, leave a comment below 👇

If you have never tried text marketing, you can start with our free trial. Pony Express HQ offers you 100 bonus text message credits. All you need to do is collect customer opt-ins, and then sign up from here.

Happy Texting 🤍

The Pony Express HQ Team

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