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How is SMS Text Marketing a Good Solution for Real Estate?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

As new marketplaces (like Trulia or Zillow) emerge, it becomes a necessity for the companies to change their selling strategies and find new means to reach their clients. Regarding the real estate industry, traditional methods are outdated and not useful anymore. ❌

People are too busy to deal with the following adverts in the newspapers. Hiring billboards and broadcasting TV advertisements to announce there is an open house is too expensive for the agents. 💰💰💰

As the traditional ways to reach clients have been expired in years, dozens of new strategies emerge with each passing day. Traditional methods of reaching a real estate agent take too much time, and buyers are not as patient as they were in the past. If one agent is not available, they do not hesitate to contact another.

That is to say, the customer profile for agents becomes harder to please, but the means of reaching them have been multiplied over time. So, how is SMS text marketing a good solution for real estate today?

How is SMS marketing a good solution for real estates?

Cons of Using Old Ways

Today, real estate agents can reach their clients by using different means of communication. They may still use traditional ways like distributing flyers or publishing an ad by using billboards. These ways may be informative for the buyers, but they are not informative for the agents. A real estate agent can't choose or manipulate who will see his ad or take the flyer. Therefore, he can't reach his optimal customer profile. ❌

Today's marketing strategies like Bulk SMS text message allow agents to reach their clients with a higher success rate along with useful user options. For the customers part, they are surrounded by dozens of ads that they are not interested in at all. This leads them to be disturbed by ads and finally to neglect all the ads around them. Thus, they also miss the ads and special offers that they may be interested in. 💸

Expectations of Today's Customers

Traditional ways of buying or hiring a house have many different steps. 👉Noticing an ad, calling the agent, arranging an appointment for a time that both parties are available, meeting, and finally seeing the house.

However, in today's world, people spend most of their time while working, or going to and coming from their workplaces. They are not careful enough anymore to notice the ads that they might be interested in %49 of buyers expect an instant response when they reach agents.

So, a real estate agent has really few opportunities to reach his client and not to lose them. If he can not use these opportunities, he can lose his clients for good ✨. Innovative strategies can help agents to overcome the problems that arise from reaching clients.

SMS text marketing is one of the most outstanding strategies to gain customers and maintain customer satisfaction. ✅ Text message marketing is quite an important way for real estate agents to find and interact with their customers.

According to a study, 90% of people read a text message within the first 3 minutes and texts have a %99 open rate. So, through Bulk SMS text messaging, agents can convey their messages to their clients easily without worrying about readability.

People SMS the first 3 minutes and texts have a %99 open rate

Text Message Marketing

Text marketing is one of the innovative ways to reach clients in the real estate industry. Most people have cell phones. Even their phones are not unique ones. Every cell phone has the technology to use SMS text messages. SMS text messaging is one of the oldest features of mobile phones, but it is still one of the most used features by users. 📲

People do not hesitate to open their phones even for 1 or 2 minutes of free time, and they are likely to look at their phones instead of ads on billboards during transportation. That is to say; It is very likely that they miss flyers or real estate ads on billboards.

Furthermore, people do not read newspapers as they read in the past. So, using a feature of mobile phones is the easiest way of finding new customers in the real estate industry.

People might not check their e-mails or social media accounts 3-4 times a day, but SMS text messages open rates are very high. If a real estate agent sends an SMS to a potential customer, he will most likely read the message. If he is interested in the estate, he can return quickly to the agent. ✔️

Advantages of Using SMS Messaging for Real Estate Industry

Getting SMS is free and sending SMS is as cheap as dirt. So, using bulk SMS text messages for the real estate industry is advantageous for both agents and customers. Once the customers make contact with the agent, he can collect data about what kind of property they are looking for and their price range.

Therefore, the agent can offer them new houses that are suitable for their criteria with just an SMS text message, and customers can return for the message If they are interested in that property. If customers want to ask fundamental questions about the property, the algorithm can answer with basic answers using keywords If the agent is not available. After sending bulk SMS to customers regularly, the agent can see when they must return to the messages, or when they are available to view open houses.

Therefore, he can arrange all the appointments or times for sending a text message by using these data. Given the latest innovations about customer-company interactions, SMS marketing, is a cheap and beneficial means for reaching and keeping in touch with clients.

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