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SMS Text Marketing is the Key Ingredient to Your Restaurant’s Future Success

Running a restaurant is a hard business. You need to work bilaterally to make your restaurant successful: On the one hand you have to provide a quality product (the food!) and on the other hand, you need to create a marketing plan that will help get word-of-mouth out about your business. But how many restaurant owners and managers have a robust marketing budget? We at Pony Express HQ offer a cost-effective solution that targets the needs of restaurant owners and managers. The answer is Short Message Service - SMS marketing.

  • 73% of Americans today send or receive text messages. 💬

  • Short Message Service (SMS) is also used for commercial purposes.

  • SMS is the easiest and affordable way to reach customers.

  • SMS enables companies to reach their clients in multiple ways.

SMS is the easiest and affordable way to reach customers
SMS Text Message Marketing is the Key Ingredient to Your Restaurant’s Future Success

A targeted SMS marketing campaign can help the restaurant increase their income.

Here’s how:

  • The restaurant business is comprised of ebbs and flows. During lunch and dinner hours, you’ll likely encounter high foot traffic in your business. However, what about those times between lunch and dinner? Many restaurant owners and manager create special promotions to help combat this problem. But, creating, printing, and posting banners can be labor intensive; the return on investment for so much physical work may not be worth it.‼

  • With an SMS text marketing plan, you can do the same outreach with less labor and with a higher rate of effectiveness. 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent. By sending a text message via your customers’ smartphones, you can create a plan to maximize your promotions for “off-hours” in your restaurant; helping guarantee foot traffic in your business at all times. 📈

  • People are busy nowadays. If they want to make a reservation for dinner, they need to find your number on the Internet, call it, wait for you to answer the phone and finally make a reservation. This is an unnecessarily long process for a busy person.

Today, Americans text twice as much as they call. If you manage to SMS text message opt-in your customers to your messaging platform, they can find you easily on their smartphones, and send a simple text your business to make a reservation (and receive an automated confirmation as well!). Also, as a bonus, you can create auto-reminder to help reduce last minute cancellations. 🚨

At Pony Express HQ, we’ve built a powerful, yet a user-friendly messaging platform that can change the game for restaurant owners. What makes Pony Express HQ especially appealing is our great prices. There are no monthly fees. You pay only what you use, pay as you go text message marketing. 💥 Running your restaurant is hard enough. Let Pony Express HQ help make your business better for minimal cost. Give Pony Express HQ a trial run today!

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