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Text Marketing is your secret weapon to increase sales on Black Friday

Updated: May 22

Text Marketing is your secret weapon to increase sales on Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest retail sales day of the year. And if you are like other business owners, you want to create an impactful Black Friday marketing strategy. It’s likely that you have already done a Google search on “Black Friday marketing ideas”, and are noticing the multitude of marketing tips being offered to you on how to increase your sales on this retail holiday. But remember that your rivals are doing the same search. They see the same tips, and they will be applying the same strategies for their Black Friday marketing.

Let Pony Express HQ show you how to stand apart from the pack with text marketing!

Why text marketing for Black Friday?

Because text marketing is the most powerful marketing method to increase sales. Mass text messages have a 98% open rate, most of which are read within 3 minutes of being sent. This means your customers not only see your Black Friday deals instantly but are prompted to act quickly as well, which will help bring sales instantly.

Also, text messages are not deleted as often as emails. So even if your customers don’t act immediately, they will remember your brand when they are ready to buy– all thanks to your text marketing messages.

Key points of text marketing to increase sales

7 key points of text marketing for small businesses to increase sales on Black Friday

Here are the 7 ways to make the most of business texting services:

Key points of text marketing to increase sales

The above 7 key points are a technical “must-do” in SMS marketing. If you want to have an effective Black Friday marketing strategy, you should apply them to deliver your deals to customers successfully. You can take a deeper dive into how to execute these 7 steps here: 7 tips for a successful text marketing strategy for Black Friday.

Answer the questions of your customers via text marketing

Okay, you’ve prepared a tantalizing Black Friday marketing plan and have a plan on how to deliver them to customers perfectly with the help of text marketing. But is that it? Well, if you want to really maximize and increase sales, we at Pony Express HQ have a great suggestion to get ahead of your competitors. 🚀

Did you know that every year over 110K* people Google search “When is Black Friday?”? Let’s assume half of them are small business owners like you. So who are the remaining 55,000 inquirers?

Answer: They are customers who want to know the exact date of Black Friday in order to organize their shopping budget.

With text marketing, you can help notify customers about your upcoming deals as Black Friday approaches. Use text marketing to engage with your customers; they will be happy to hear from you because you’ll be able to answer their questions. You’ll be able to give them useful information to help build trust between your brand and your customers. Use text marketing to not only promote your brand but also enhance your relationship with customers.

You can also use text marketing to answer the following questions people asked Google:

● Best Black Friday deals?

● Why is it called Black Friday?

● Best buy Black Friday

● Do you really save money on Black Friday?

● How long does Black Friday last?

Do you want to find out more questions to answer through SMS marketing? Here are three tools to discover your customers’ needs:

  1. Google keyword planner

  2. Google - people also ask section (this part appears on Google results, just scroll down after searching something on Google)

  3. Semrush-keyword magic tool

Below are some examples of how to implement your 7-step text marketing plan for Black Friday.

Black Friday message examples for small businesses

7 Black Friday message examples for small businesses

  1. Black Friday sale going on at {businessname}! 25% off the entire store now through {date}, {address}. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  2. Limited-time Black Friday deal: BOGO until the end of the day! Order online or come in and see us! {websitelink} - {address} - {Business name}. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  3. Are you looking for the best Black Friday deals? Here are the most discounted items at {Business name}: {websitelink} - Reply STOP to opt-out.

  4. The biggest sales day is coming, but do you wonder why it is called Black Friday? We explained the sophisticated history of Black Friday at {websitelink} - {Business name}. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  5. Are you ready to save money on Black Friday? 💸Sales begin in a week, but you can start to add items to your favorites to find them easily when the day comes! Discover products: {websitelink} - {Business name}. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  6. Hi {first name}, you waited for the Black Friday sales to buy that jacket you liked so much, didn't you? You don’t have to wait anymore! Black Friday sales have started at {Business name} today! Discover our online store, or come in and see us in-store! {websitelink} - {address} - {Business name}. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  7. Hey {first name}, if you are looking for the best items to buy on Black Friday, here is the list of our most-sold products: {websitelink} - Sales are available until NOV 27th - {Business name}. Reply STOP to opt-out.

To wrap up, use text marketing for your Black Friday marketing strategy

For this year’s Black Friday, make sure to benefit from the power of text marketing by building your Black Friday marketing strategy. Use the 7 tricks of mass text messaging above when delivering your Black Friday deals. And answer your customers' questions – even before they ask them. Then enjoy seeing the difference that you made in your Black Friday sales.

By the way, don’t forget to collect customer opt-ins before starting your Black Friday text marketing campaigns. And if you are looking for budget-friendly business texting services, Pony Express HQ offers you unbeatable SMS marketing pricing!

You can try it for free by signing up from here.

Happy Texting

The Pony Express HQ Team

*Semrush-Keyword Magic Tool

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