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Black Friday marketing idea: text marketing

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Black Friday marketing idea: text marketing

To boost Black Friday sales, small businesses are actively exploring effective Black Friday marketing ideas. In an era of intense competition, it's clear that discounts alone may not be sufficient. So, what strategies can small businesses employ to enhance their Black Friday promotions? In short, the answer is text marketing!

Pony Express HQ is here to guide you through the comprehensive approach to stand out from the crowd using text marketing for Black Friday's success.

Why text marketing for Black Friday??

Because text marketing is the most powerful marketing method to increase sales. Mass text messages have a 98% open rate, most of which are read within 3 minutes of being sent. This means your customers not only see your Black Friday deals instantly but are prompted to act quickly as well, which will help bring sales instantly.

Also, text messages are not deleted as often as emails. So even if your customers don’t act immediately, they will remember your brand when they are ready to buy– all thanks to your text marketing messages.

How to attract customers on Black Friday via text marketing?

Here are the 7 ways to make the most of Black Friday via text marketing:

Key points of text marketing to increase sales

To increase the impact of your Black Friday marketing messages, you can follow these steps.

You can take a deeper dive into how to execute these 7 steps here: 7 tips for a successful text marketing strategy for Black Friday.

What to do more to attract customers on Black Friday?

✅ You've got an enticing Black Friday marketing plan in place.

✅ You've mastered the art of delivering Black Friday promos to your customers (via SMS, of course! 😏).

☑️ Now, it's time to answer your customers' questions and supercharge your Black Friday promotions.

Did you know that each year, over 110,000* people turn to Google to ask, 'When is Black Friday?' Sure, it's easy enough to search and find out that Black Friday 2023 falls on November 24. But here's the catch: different brands kick off their Black Friday sales at different times. This leaves customers in a bit of a quandary, and they want to know precisely when your Black Friday sales begin.

Text marketing emerges as the ultimate solution to swiftly inform your customers about the start time of your Black Friday sales. You can send messages at various intervals to ensure your customers are well-informed. For instance, you can schedule messages one month prior, two weeks in advance, the day before, and precisely on the day and time of your Black Friday sales.

Here are some message examples for notifying customers about your Black Friday sale times:

📢 It's that time of the year, and we're counting down to Black Friday on Nov 24! Get ready for our epic deals that start at [Insert Time]. Set your alarms! ⏰
Don't fret about when Black Friday begins! 📆 We've got you covered with text alerts. We'll remind you one month, two weeks, one day, and even down to the last second before our amazing deals launch! 🎉
November 24 = Black Friday! ⏳ But when does our shopping extravaganza start? Well, we've got four exclusive notifications coming your way to keep you in the loop! Stay tuned!

Other Customer Questions about Black Friday

Customers often have a barrage of questions swirling in their minds as Black Friday approaches, and text marketing is your secret weapon to answer their queries. Here are some common inquiries you can address through SMS:

● Best Black Friday deals?

● The origin of 'Black Friday'?

● Best buys on Black Friday?

● Do you really save money on Black Friday?

● How long does Black Friday last?

But if you're keen on unearthing even more questions to tackle using SMS marketing, here are three mighty tools for discovering your customers' needs:

  1. Google Keyword Planner

  2. Google's 'People Also Ask' Section (just scroll down after making a Google search)

  3. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Now, let's dive into some message examples of how to wield your 7-step text marketing strategy for Black Friday.

13 Black Friday message examples for small businesses

  1. Black Friday sale going on at [Business Name]! 25% off the entire store now through [Date], [Address]. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  2. It's here! Black Friday is in full swing. Shop with us and enjoy 30% off on all your favorites. Get ready to glam up! 💄👗 Shop now at [Link] - Reply STOP to opt out of our Black Friday messages

  3. Limited-time Black Friday deal: BOGO until the end of the day! Order online or come in and see us! [Link] - [Address] - [Business Name]. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  4. Don't let Black Friday deals slip away! Swing by our store today and snag your choice of beautiful blooms at 20% off. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home. 🌸🏡 - [Business Name]

  5. Are you looking for the best Black Friday deals? Here are the most discounted items at [Business Name]: [Link] - Reply STOP to opt-out.

  6. The biggest sales day is coming, but do you wonder why it is called Black Friday? We explained the sophisticated history of Black Friday at [Link] - [Business Name]. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  7. Hey there! It's Black Friday, and we've got a treat just for you. Our spa's offering 25% off all services. Relax and rejuvenate with us. 🌿💆‍♀️ Book Now at [Link] - Text STOP to opt out of our Black Friday SMS list

  8. Are you ready to save money on Black Friday? 💸Sales begin in a week, but you can start to add items to your favorites to find them easily when the day comes! Discover products: [Link] - [Business Name]. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  9. Hi [First Name], you waited for the Black Friday sales to buy that jacket you liked so much, didn't you? You don’t have to wait anymore! Black Friday sales have started at [Business Name] today! Discover our online store, or come in and see us in-store! [websitelink] - [Address] - [Business Name]. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  10. Guess what? Black Friday's here, and we've got your back! Get 50% off your next hair makeover at our salon. Fresh look, here you come! 💇‍♂️💇‍♀️ Reply YES to get a call for booking. - [Business Name]

  11. Hey [First Name], if you are looking for the best items to buy on Black Friday, here is the list of our most-sold products: [Link] - Sales are available until NOV 27th - [Business Name]. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  12. Black Friday Sale: We've got deals that'll make your day. All weekend, enjoy 20% off on our delectable desserts. Satisfy your sweet tooth! 🍰🍨 - [Business Name]

  13. [Business Name]: Black Friday is your chance to shine! Our jewelry collection is 30% off today. Grab that sparkle you've always wanted! 💍✨ - Text stop to opt out

To wrap up, use text marketing for your Black Friday marketing strategy

For this year’s Black Friday, make sure to benefit from the power of text marketing by building your Black Friday marketing strategy. Use the 7 tricks of mass text messaging above when delivering your Black Friday deals. And answer your customers' questions – even before they ask them. Then enjoy seeing the difference that you made in your Black Friday sales.

Additionally, ensure collect customer opt-ins before starting your Black Friday text marketing campaigns. For those seeking budget-friendly business texting services, Pony Express HQ offers unbeatable SMS marketing pricing!

Take the first step and explore it for yourself with our free trial.

Happy Texting

The Pony Express HQ Team

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