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Text message marketing strategy for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Updated: May 6

The holidays are just ahead of us, and most businesses are already feeling the pressure. Last year’s retail spending almost hit a trillion-dollar mark. During this time, retailers usually explore all the tech-savvy tactics to connect with potential customers. Just like last year, text message marketing will likely play a crucial role during this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That is because text message marketing is spam-free, has a higher open rate, and attracts higher ROI. But to get the best out of text message marketing, you need a solid strategy. That will be our topic of focus in this post.

Text Message Marketing Strategy for Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Text Message Marketing Strategy for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

1. Prepare Your Customers

Text marketing is permission-based. Fortunately, customers have an easy way to opt themselves in or out from SMS texts, right in the palm of their hands 🤳-- their mobile smartphones. Unlike many other marketing channels, text marketing is only accessible by customer request, which means that the level of engagement business owners see from customers through text messages is extremely high.

The top 3 ways how to collect SMS opt-ins

If your audience opted-in to receive promo text from you, that is a good indication that they want to be updated on important deals. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that you will be offering them exciting opportunities. Innovative ways to promote engagement could include early access to new products, flash sales, and exclusive invitation for loyalty members.

2. Timing Is Everything: Send Real-Time Text Messages

Marketing experts expect sales to hit all-time highs. And due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers might experience strained shipping capacity. To avoid this challenge, you can offer your Black Friday sales in advance. Schedule your marketing text messages in advance. Besides this, also be aware of the time that most customers are active on their phones. You don’t want your text to be considered annoyance or be ignored. Early evenings, when people are relaxing, or mornings, when customers are arriving for work and checking their phone, are usually the best times to send your text messages.

3. Personalize Your Text Messages

A text message is considered more personal to your audience than social media or email, for example. So, try to mention your relationship with your client. Do it in a way that shows the customer that they are special and wanted. This could mean including their or reminding them of their loyalty and rewarding them for the same.

4. Send Texts with Promo Code

Most customers will want to know why you are contacting them and if you have offered them any discount. Offering a promo code will encourage them to convert. After all, Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. So, you should entice them with a jaw-dropping deal worthy of being treated as a Black Friday & Cyber Monday special. Reward loyal customers with a text promotion offer.

5. Use Media-Rich Content and Two-Way Texting

Customer service plays a great role in improving sales. Customers who receive excellent customer service tend to spend more at a store. What is even more interesting is that 90% of them are likely to turn into repeat customers. So, offer your customers an additional option to reach you for assistance through two-way text messaging. Some of them may feel frustrated if they can’t reply to your Black Friday SMS. To make your texts juicier, include gift-worthy MMS images. Videos, MMS/pictures, GIFs, and URL links usually engage your audience further.

6. Keep Customer Updated on the Sale Process

Customers need to be fully aware of when their orders will arrive. In most cases, they track their orders and even make inquiries when they don’t have enough information. By utilizing text marketing during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can share step-by-step order fulfillment notices with your customers.

7. Track Text Message Campaign Success

You need a way of tracking responses, delivery statuses, and specific promo codes that you use over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. When you track these metrics, you can easily measure or compare your text marketing campaigns' success. From this, you can find out which tactics were most effective and what needs to be adjusted for a better outcome.

Actually, text marketing provides you with more opportunities than you can imagine. In today’s increasingly digital consumers, text marketing provides a way to engage with them in a real-time manner. In fact, most of the texts are usually opened within 3 minutes. So, you need to have a solid strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday text message campaigns.

Final Remarks

Text marketing for the holiday season should be interesting to drive engagement. Whereas business owners will want to remind or sometimes provide information to their target customers, it’s equally important to entertain or delight your audiences. Be sure to use text messaging to encourage customers to visit your mobile web page with an exciting contest or promotion. Be creative!

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