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3 strong marketing strategies for strong women in business

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

The ratio of women in business has increased 114% over the 20 years*. These numbers will keep growing. We, as women, have enough intelligence, determination, and courage to exist in the business world. All we need to do is keep on, improve more, and secure our positions. It is the time of women!

3 Strong Marketing Strategies for Strong Women in Business
3 Strong Marketing Strategies for Strong Women in Business

Businesswomen need to support each other and grow together. We want to be beneficial to women in business, too. So we will share efficient and unique marketing strategies for businesswomen who want to go forward and expand their business.

Here 3 efficient marketing strategies for women in business:

  1. Be Up to Date

  2. Go Digital

  3. Make the Most of SMS Marketing

3 strong marketing strategies for strong women in business
3 strong marketing strategies for strong women in business

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Let’s dive into the details of these useful marketing strategies for businesswomen together!

1. Be Up to Date

1.1 Follow the News and Trends

If you want to be one step ahead, you must be up to date. First, you should follow the current news and trends to understand your customers’ needs. Then, you can adapt your marketing strategy to the trends. For example, let’s assume that you have a dress shop. If you follow the fashion news, you can see the current fashion trends or viral products. Thus, you can start to sell these kinds of dresses quickly and earlier than other dress shops. If you act early, your brand awareness will increase too.

1.2 Follow the Competitors

Also, be aware of your competitors. What are they producing and selling, or what is their marketing strategy? These are the questions that you should keep asking yourself about your rivals for a better marketing strategy. However, you should ask questions about your business to yourself, too, like: “How can I make my business more innovative, how can I use technology to grow my business, enhance my customer relations or improve my brand awareness?”. Let’s keep supposing that you have a dress shop. Just check what the other dress shops are doing differently than you are. For example, they may be using a particular wrapping paper or giving tiny gifts to the customers. Observe them, and make a better version of their actions in your marketing strategy. In the next part, we will continue by giving tips about adapting technology to your marketing strategy.

2. Go Digital

Do you have a traditional store? Great, it is time to improve it! If you want to exist and resist as a strong businesswoman in this age, you must digitalize your business. Although some people may love wandering around the stores physically, most people begin to surf online. Even older people prefer online shopping due to its easiness and comfort. Also, online shops are time and effort-saving for customers. So, you should provide this opportunity to your customers, too.

If you are not familiar with the digital world yet, you can start with social media. It is an easier way to present your brand and products to many people. To build your social media presence, you need to:

  • Create an account (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

  • Arrange your profile

  • Share photos or videos of your products

  • Answer questions about your products via DM or comments

  • Don’t forget to tell people where is your store

Especially, social media is quite a useful tool to expand business locally or become global for women in business.

If you want to go one step further, you can create a website and start e-commerce. Many people use Shopify for e-commerce at first. It is easy and quick to use. Or you can create your website from the beginning. This will take more time, effort, and budget. However, it is more beneficial for long-term goals like branding.

Okay, you created your digital presence; now it is time to promote it. First, you should advertise on social media or websites to reach more and more customers. You can use google ads for your website and Facebook ads for your social media channels. Or, you can use both of them and get ahead of your rivals as a modern and strong woman in business.

3. Make the Most of SMS Marketing

Do you know what else can complete your marketing strategy? SMS Marketing! Many business owners know about digitalizing, websites, social media, ads, etc. However, very few of them are familiar with SMS marketing. You can turn this into an opportunity to leave your competitors behind.

If you want to learn more about SMS marketing, you can read this: What is SMS Marketing? Types, Users, and Benefits of SMS Marketing

But how can you use SMS marketing to improve your business? Firstly, you can use SMS marketing to improve your customer engagement, increase sales, and improve your branding. Here are some text message marketing ideas to send customers:

  • Inform your customers about your discounts

  • Tell them about your new/expected products

  • Celebrate their special days (birthdays, national holidays)

If you are thinking about whether SMS marketing is legal or not, SMS marketing is permitted if you collect SMS opt-ins from your customers. Therefore, SMS marketing is one of the most affordable and efficient marketing strategies for businesswomen.

Pony Express HQ offers free text message credits if you want to try SMS marketing before adding it to your marketing strategy. You can click this link, sign in, get your free SMS message credits, and start using SMS marketing: 100 free text message credits.

Or, if you want to use SMS marketing instantly, you can examine the SMS marketing prices from this link: SMS Marketing Prices.

In this article, we shared 3 efficient marketing strategies for strong businesswomen. To wrap up, women in business should always follow the trends and news, digitalize their business and use SMS marketing to complete their marketing strategy. If you apply these marketing strategies, you will be a more successful businesswoman than you are now. Good luck to you, dear businesswomen, generating an excellent marketing strategy!

The Pony Express HQ Team



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