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How to increase online sales fast with SMS marketing?

Updated: May 22, 2023

How to increase online sales fast with SMS marketing?

Online shopping has become more and more popular since the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, most small business owners started online sales in addition to their physical stores. According to Statista*, the ecommerce revenue will reach 1.3 billion dollars in 2025 in the US. This means competition will be tighter among small businesses in the near future.

Retail ecommerce revenue statistics in United States from 2017 to 2027

*Source: Statista

In this competitive environment, using a cost-effective marketing strategy is crucial for small businesses to increase their ecommerce sales.

Let’s show you what we mean! 🧑‍💻

How to increase online sales fast?

The fastest way to increase online sales is via mass text messaging.

According to the SMS marketing statistics:

● SMS messages have a 98% open rate

● Most of them are read within 3 seconds

● 58% of customers think that SMS marketing is the best way of communication for businesses

Thus, SMS marketing is the most effective way to reach your target audience and increase your online sales. But how should you use SMS marketing to promote your ecommerce business? We answer this question in the next section.

Three tricks to increase online sales fast via SMS marketing

Mass text messaging offers a sea of opportunities. To use the SMS marketing channel efficiently, you need to follow these three tricks:

  1. Be visible 👀

  2. Be persistent 💪

  3. Be emotional 👁

Let’s delve into details together.

1. Be visible 👀

You decided to start an ecommerce business, created a fantastic website, and you’re now ready for online sales. You need to announce your online shop to your customers. You can use multiple channels like social media, email marketing, old-school posters, etc. But only one marketing tool can help you to announce your website instantly and widely: SMS marketing!

Text customers and invite them to visit your online shop. Later, you can keep texting them to remind them of your website. You can text about new seasonal products, season-end sales, shipment details, campaigns, etc.

An SMS marketing channel can help bring visibility to your online quickly. Here are text message examples for ecommerce business:

“Hi Jessica, did you hear? Pony Retail will now start to serve you online as well! We have prepared online-special offers for you. Are you curious? Come visit us at: {online shop link} - Reply STOP to opt out.”
“Exclusive early access to new seasonal sneakers! Since you’re our loyal customer, we’ll share the VIP link to our brand-new must-have sneakers. Visit now: {online shop link} - Pony Sports - Reply STOP to opt out.”

2. Be persistent 💪

You attracted customers to your online store by texting them and increased online sales. Excellent!

Now, you can step it up further by being persistent. You should use every single opportunity to increase and build up your online sales. For example, many customers leave items in carts because they are unsure about purchasing. You can text these customers to remind them to continue shopping. A little nudge from you you can create a sense of urgency. Or you can incentivize them with additional discounts or free shipping offers. Let’s see the message examples below. :)

“Chop chop! The items that you left in your cart are quite popular. They’re almost out of stock. Want to complete your shopping? Here you go: {online shop link} - Reply STOP to opt out.”
“Hi Miranda, we noticed you added some cool items to your basket. Want to have them with free shipping? Then complete your purchase in the next 30 min. with the code IAMCOOL using this link: {online shop link} - Pony Wear - Reply STOP to opt out”
“Hey, David! It has been a while since we saw you in our online store. We thought you might like to check out our newly released winter collection. Let us know if you need anything. Visit now: {online shop link} - Pony Wear - Reply STOP to opt out”

3. Be emotional 👁

You’ve created your ecommerce website and used every chance to convert website visitors into customers. And you increased your sales by being persistent

Now it’s time to move to bring a sense of connection to your successful business. For this, you need two things: loyal customers and new customers. But how? Let’s discover.

To make your existing customers loyal, you should build an emotional relationship with them. And the easiest way to do that is by texting them on personally meaningful days like birthdays or holidays.

For example:

“Happy birthday, John! 🎊 Best wishes to you from Pony Express. 🥳 As a birthday gift, we want to give you 1 free shipping that will be valid until your next birthday. Code: JOHN28. - Reply STOP to opt out”
“Hey Samantha, thank you for supporting our local business for 5 years. 🤍 We wish you a lovely and peaceful Thanksgiving with your family. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 - Pony Express - Reply STOP to opt out”

To gain new customers, you need to build a trusting brand image. And the best way to create it is through customer reviews. Text your customers and ask them for their reviews. You can share the link of your Capterra or Google My Business profile to collect testimonials.

“Hi, Phoebe 👋 We hope you enjoy your recent purchase. Can you share your experiences with those who are curious about your thoughts from this link: {website link} - Thank you for your time; it is very important to us. 🤍 - Pony Express - Reply STOP to opt out”
“Hello, Chandler 🙋Do you have a minute to share your review about our service? Your feedback would be constructive for us to improve and provide a better experience for you. Tell us at {link} - Pony Express - Reply STOP to opt out”

Need an affordable business texting service?

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By just signing up, you can start with a free trial, including 100 bonus text message credits. 🎉

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Happy Texting 🤍

The Pony Express HQ Team

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