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9 Ways to use SMS marketing to promote handyman services

9 Ways to use SMS marketing to promote handyman services

Handyman businesses can effectively use SMS marketing to promote and enhance their operations. Explore diverse use cases of SMS marketing for handyman services and discover compelling message examples in this article.

1. Send emergency alerts

Handyman services can proactively alert customers about emergencies and offer valuable guidance. For example, they can provide detailed information on salting services to ensure safety in upcoming snowstorms.

Emergency message examples for handyman services:

Urgent Weather Alert! Stay safe during the storm. Secure your doors and windows with our services. Reply YES to get a call to schedule a handyman service. Or, schedule online at [Link]. 🌪️ [Handyman Business Name] 🌪️
Power outage in your area! Our 24/7 emergency team is here to help. Call us at [Phone Number]. - [Handyman Service Name]

Please check this guide before sending any emergency messages: Mass messaging for emergency purposes

2. Share home maintenance tips

Sharing tips is a rare but very effective way to engage with customers for handyman businesses. While others send nonstop promotions, you can stand out with exceptional value.

Home maintenance tips message examples

🛠️ Tip of the Day! 🏠 Did you know? Regularly changing HVAC filters can improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Remember, a clean filter is a happy home! - [Handyman Service Name]
🔨 Pro Tip: Fixing a leaky faucet is easier than you think! Turn off the water supply, replace the washer or cartridge, and voilà—drips be gone! Need help? Call us at [Your Number] - [Handyman Service Name]
This is - [Handyman Business Name] - ❄️ Winter Prep Alert! ❄️ To prevent frozen pipes, insulate exposed pipes and keep your faucets dripping during freezing temps. Protect your home from winter's chill!

3. Create fun for customers

Create educational SMS-based quizzes related to home improvement and repair topics. Participants can receive tips or special offers based on their quiz results, making it an engaging way to promote your handyman services.

Handyman service quiz message examples

💡 Handyman IQ Challenge! 💪Test your home repair knowledge. What's the first step to fix a clogged drain? A) Pour hot water - B) Use a plunger - C) Call a plumber. Reply with your answer and see how handy you are! - [Handyman Service Name]
🏚️ Home Maintenance Quiz! 🏠 What's the recommended frequency for changing HVAC filters? A) Monthly - B) Quarterly - C) Annually. Reply with your choice to get a 20% discount on your next filter change. - [Handyman Service Name]
Test your home maintenance IQ! Take our quiz and discover your home expert level: [Link]. - [Handyman Service Name]

4. Schedule appointments

Allow customers to schedule appointments or request quotes via SMS. You can benefit from text keywords and autoresponse messages to schedule appointments easily for your handyman business.

Appointment scheduling message examples for handyman businesses

Need a quick fix? Book your appointment in seconds! Just reply 'YES', and we'll handle the rest! - [Handyman Business Name]
⏰ [Time Saver Alert] ⏰No time to call? Schedule your handyman service appointment via text! Reply 'BOOK' to set a convenient time. Easy peasy! - [Handyman Business Name]
🚀 Express Booking from  [Handyman Business Name] - Skip the wait! Text 'FIX' to instantly schedule your repair. Swift service at your fingertips!

5. Send appointment reminders

People often overlook their appointments. Provide handyman service appointment reminders through text messages to enhance time and schedule management.

Appointment reminder message examples for handyman services

Your scheduled maintenance appointment is tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. on Oct 18th. Please confirm by replying YES or let us know if you need to reschedule by replying RESCHEDULE.
Your handyman appointment is around the corner, set for 3:00 p.m. on Sep 15th. We're looking forward to serving you. Reply YES to confirm or CANCEL to reschedule. - [Handyman Business Name]

6. Collect reviews for your online presence

Customer reviews play a pivotal role in helping potential clients choose handyman services. As a best practice, send an SMS request for reviews upon service completion and direct them to your website, Google My Business, or any preferred review platform.

Review collection message examples for handyman businesses

This is [Handyman Business Name]. Thank you for choosing us for your handyman needs. Your opinion matters! Please take a moment to share your experience and help us serve you better. Click here to leave a review: [Review Link]
Your satisfaction is our top priority. Share your thoughts about our recent service! Tap the link below to leave a review and let us know how we can improve: [Review Link] - [Handyman Service Name]
Your feedback shapes our service quality. Tell us how we did! Click the link to leave a review and help others make informed decisions: [Review Link] - [Handyman Service Name] - Reply STOP to opt out

7. Send seasonal maintenance reminders

Send SMS reminders for seasonal home maintenance tasks like gutter cleaning, HVAC inspections, or lawn care. This keeps your business top-of-mind and encourages recurring service bookings.

Seasonal reminder SMS example for handyman companies

Fall Maintenance Alert: Prepare for autumn! Check your gutters and HVAC. Need help? We're just a text away! Reply CALL to get a call for booking. - [Handyman Service Name]
[Handyman Company Name]: Winter is coming! ❄️❄️❄️Schedule a check-up for your heating system and stay cozy all season. Text 'WARM' to book. - Reply END to opt out

8. Create a VIP customer club and text them

Create an exclusive SMS club for loyal customers, offering them early access to promotions, discounts, or special services. This rewards customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.

VIP promotion SMS example for handyman businesses

Welcome to the Handyman Hero VIP Club! 🌟You're now part of an elite group. As a VIP, enjoy 15% off all services, priority scheduling, and a FREE annual home maintenance inspection worth $199. We're here to make your home shine! 🏡- [Handyman Business Name]
VIP Access Unlocked! 🔓Congratulations on joining our VIP Club! You'll receive exclusive perks like 10% off your first service, quarterly DIY workshops, and a complimentary emergency service call. Your home is in expert hands! - [Handyman Business Name]
As a VIP club member of [Handyman Company Name], enjoy a special 20% discount on your next project, personalized home maintenance tips, and a VIP hotline for immediate assistance. Your home, our priority! 🏘️ - Text STOP to unsubscribe

9. Share your referral program

Encourage satisfied customers to refer friends and family to your services via SMS. Offer incentives like discounts or exclusive offers for successful referrals.

Handyman service referral program SMS example

Hey, [Customer Name]! Love our services? Refer a friend, and you both get a special 20% discount on your next project! - [Handyman Company Name]
Know someone in need of handyman services? Refer them to us, and you could earn $50 in credit!  - [Handyman Company Name] - Reply STOP to opt out

Sending necessary and engaging messages to customers can help you promote your handyman business properly. If you are looking for a business texting service to start promoting your handyman services, explore our cost-effective bulk SMS pricing.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Messaging!

The Pony Express HQ Team

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