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Today’s lesson: How SMS texting can make your back-to-school experience the best one yet

Updated: Feb 3

Summer ☀️ is almost over, and the first cool breezes of fall are upon us. Yep, it’s “Back to School” already. With schools starting this week, it’s time to think about how today’s technology can better the educational experience for everyone involved. From administrators to teachers to parents and all the students, running a school and making sure everyone is properly informed is a complex challenge. 🏫

Therefore, mass text messaging is the best solution for schools!

SMS Texting for Schools
Mass Text Messaging | How SMS Texting Can Make Your Back To School Experience The Best One Yet

Schools that implement a bulk SMS texting plan have found a cost-effective and straightforward answer to those communication challenges. Considering the fact that 95% of all mass text messages are read within the first 5 minutes, school administrators are able to reach their target audience (staff, parents) in a short time while spending less. Below are other examples of how schools are using mass text messaging. 💬

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How schools are using mass text messaging?

  • In-house communication is vital for an educational institution. Even the smallest education organizations have at least 200 staff members. It’s quite hard to stay in communication with this number of employees considering they are working in different departments. Bulk SMS allows easy employee communication and helps everyone stay on top of important and urgent notifications. 🚨

  • Schools are responsible for the wellness and safety of their students five days a week. Now, more than ever, parents want to stay connected with their children during the school day. They want to be informed about every subject that impacts their children in school. Mass text messaging enables schools to send prompt messages to parents to inform them about unexpected cancellations, fire drills, snow days, and other happenings that will impact how parents should plan for their day. 📝

  • Kids can be forgetful. When was the last time your child forgot to mention signing a permission slip? Or the need to bring cupcakes to school for the bake sale? With a bulk messaging plan, school management can keep parents informed in a timely manner and lift the burden on children to notify their parents about important happenings.

These days, schools can’t afford to not make every effort to keep communication channels open with the parents of their students. Mass text messaging enables schools to send prompt messages to parents, all in one shot with minimal cost and effort. 💸

The best mass text messaging service

At Pony Express HQ, we have built a powerful and user-friendly mass text messaging platform that can be very useful for schools and educational institutions. Pony Express HQ is a cost-effective texting service, with no monthly fees.🙅‍

Join Pony Express HQ today and let us help make your back-to-school experience the best one yet.

The Pony Express HQ Team

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