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SMS marketing 101 - tips and best practices

Updated: Sep 15

We prepared this article as an SMS marketing handbook for you. We're hoping it will help you grow your business!

SMS Marketing 101 - Tips and Best Practices
SMS Marketing 101 - Tips and Best Practices

Table of Contents

Introduction to SMS Marketing

  1. Definition: What is SMS Marketing?

  2. Is SMS Marketing Legal?

  3. Users of SMS Marketing

  4. Power of SMS Marketing

Terminology of SMS Marketing

  1. Opt-in / Opt-out

  2. Definition of Toll-free Numbers

  3. Definition of Short-code

  4. Definition of Auto-reply

  5. Definition of Keyword

  6. Definition of CTA

10 Suggestions for Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns

  1. Be Sure You Got User Permissions

  2. Expand Your List Over Time

  3. Choose Correct Keyword

  4. Use Short But Concise Message

  5. Make Your Customers Feel Special

  6. Use MMS opportunity

  7. Be Aware of the Time

  8. Use CTA

  9. Analyze Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

  10. Optimize Your Campaigns

Introduction to SMS Marketing

Definition: What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is an efficient digital marketing method that allows sending bulk text or MMS messages to many people. Business owners generally prefer SMS marketing to reach customers, but also it is helpful for organizations or anyone who wants to send bulk messages.

Is SMS Marketing Legal?

SMS marketing is entirely legal if you collect the user permissions. Otherwise, you will be sanctioned under TCPA and CTIA if you try to send bulk text messages without users' consent.

TCPA was signed into law in 1991 and is a federal law. It can take you to court or fine you for violating the user permissions. CTIA represents the communications industry in the US, and the violation of their guidelines can result in sanctions. For example, they can suspend your accounts, and you can not benefit from the opportunities of the CTIA.

Discover more: TCPA Compliance Checklist Guidance for Text Marketing

Users of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing users are:

  1. Business owners / Companies

  2. Organizations

  3. Governmental Agencies

Let's dive into various users' detailed usage of SMS marketing channels.

Companies use SMS marketing to reach customers to:

  • Deliver offers/discounts/campaigns

  • Improve customer relations

  • Increase sales

  • Grow business

Organizations utilize bulk SMS messages to:

  • Welcome new members

  • Inform members about meeting details

  • Update members about last-minute changes of events, meetings, etc.

  • Enhance member loyalty

Governmental agencies use SMS marketing to:

  • Share legal information

  • Inform citizens about local news

  • Emergency notifications

  • Emergency instructions

  • Share local event details or updates

Power of SMS Marketing

An SMS marketing channel is quite competitive compared to other marketing channels like mailing. For example, the SMS open rate is 98%, while the open email rate is 20%.

Here are 5 SMS marketing statistics that demonstrate the power of SMS marketing:

  1. 270 million US citizens are mobile phone owners in 2022

  2. US citizens check their mobiles 47 times a day

  3. Users open 98% of SMS messages

  4. 91% of customers perceive SMS messages from businesses positively.

  5. 55.9% of customers have already consented to receiving SMS messages from businesses.

As you can see from the SMS marketing stats, this channel is essential to generate an effective marketing strategy. So use this opportunity and expand your business.

This guide can help you understand the SMS marketing better:

Top 13 SMS Marketing Statistics 2022

5 Interesting uses of SMS marketing


Happy Messaging! 💬

Pony Express HQ Team

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