How SMS Text Message Marketing Boosts the Chance of Reachability for Small B
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How SMS - Text Marketing Boosts the Chance of Reachability for Small Businesses?

Updated: May 9, 2019

Small businesses have fewer opportunities to reach their clients in comparison with big-scale companies. Their financial budget is limited, and with their budget, there are just a few ways to promote their products. SMS - Text Marketing is a blessing for small businesses. Through SMS text messages, they can minimize their defects about being reachable. ✅

How SMS - Text Marketing Boosts the Chance of Reachability for Small Businesses? | Pony Express HQ

Traditional ways are no longer ⛔️ useful to attract customers to small businesses. Customers do not tend to collect coupons and use it for future changes. They want to hold everything inside their smartphones. The average American looks at their cell phone 150+ times a day and every cell phone have 📲 an SMS, text message feature. So, SMS - text messages might be a good way to reach customers.

Here are some examples that why small businesses should use SMS for marketing their products;

  • Every small business 🏡 has its core audience. However, there are small businesses everywhere, and these enterprises become rivals in terms of adding other enterprises core audience to their customer network. Thus, a small business should remind its presence to their customers and make them come back to buy new products.

  • Special offers and promotions will help you to recall yourself to your old customers. They can also inform their friends about these promotions and intend to share these opportunities with them. Therefore, through bulk SMS, as you retain your customers, you can attract their friends to shop from your enterprise. 🎉

  • Another opportunity for small business is polling. Sending polls 📊 to your customers will make them feel like a part of your company because you ask their opinion about your future. They will have a say in updates and changes on your product. This can make them feel responsible for the future of your enterprise and prefer you over your rivals. Polls 📊 can also help you to understand what your customers like. There are strict regulations about unsolicited text messages, and you do not want to disturb your customers. With polls, you can determine your customer's needs and inclinations, and you can only send the text messages that they are interested in.

Small businesses should be in contact with their customers about their appointments. ⏳They can remind their customers about upcoming meetings and enable them to cancel the appointment with simple SMS text messages.

At Pony Express HQ, we have built a powerful and user-friendly text message marketing platform that can be very useful for small businesses. What makes Pony Express HQ really useful for small businesses is that it is incredibly cost-effective, there are no monthly fees, it enables to send prompt notifications, and you only pay for what you use 💸, pay as you go text marketing. Are you ready to start experimenting with SMS marketing to make your business run better? Then give Pony Express HQ a trial run today!

Sign up now, get 100 free text credits!🎉

Happy Texting,

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